Big Brother Season 15 Episode 16, #BB15, #Eviction, #HOH, @Comcast

bb15Still problems with Comcast continue…. ugh!  I know you are as tired of reading about it as I am reporting it…so frustrating!  Have a Supervisor coming to the house tomorrow morning, this is their last chance to fi my problem before I send back the DVR and go back to TiVo.

Watching and reporting real-time again tonight, so there won’t be much editorial here…sorry about that.  But if you want to read something, check this out… here.

It’s showtime and someone needs to go home, let’s find out who.


Julie Chen looking retro in a mustard color swing dress, not her best look, but not her worst.


Howard, Candice and Amanda


If the only way you are “watching” this show is through the CBS version, you are REALLY missing out.  My favorite source for all things Big Brother are but if you don’t like that one, find another… just find something so you know what is really happening in the house!  The best parts don’t make network,

Amanda in the diary room in a bikini top…. her boobs are getting bigger the longer she is in the house, if she doesn’t get evicted soon, she is going to get two votes!

Spencer campaigns to keep Howard in the house.

Amanda tells Spencer she knows he is trying to turn the house and it is only making him a bigger target.  Spencer tells Amanda Candice is his target.

Amanda and Spencer go at it and he tells her to “SHUT UP.”  (Hey, somebody needed to say it.)

Helen goes to Candice and tells her Spencer is campaigning to get her out.

Candice calls a house meeting in the backyard.  She calls Spencer out.  Candice tells the house everything Spencer has said behind their backs.  Spencer says yes, he wants Candice out.

Jessie, GinaMarie and Aaryn discuss Candice horrible social game.  They all say they want Candice out of the house.

CBS visits Judd’s hometown…. makes you love him even more!


HELEN – Howard

ELISSA – Howard

SPENCER –  Candice

MCCRAE – Howard

ANDY –  Howard

JUDD – Howard


JESSIE – Howard

BB15 HOWARDHoward is Eliminated…. darn, he was my pick to win it all in my first impressions.

Howard exits the house with class….  just like you would expect him to.

Julie discusses the racism in the house with Howard.  It is discussed with bluntness and honesty.  Howard says he never mentioned it because he was afraid his temper would get the best of him.

Howard keeps it classy to the end.

America is announced as the BB MVP again for next week.  Honestly I would be happy with Aaryn or Amanda getting  the third nomination.  I really want to NOT feel so much disgust for Aaryn but I just can’t help it, racist homophobes aren’t my kind of people


It’s going to be an endurance competition….. will be a long night.  Check in on the feeds, boards or wait until Sunday to find out who HOH is for the coming week.  Andy could win this thing.

No have-nots this week and Julie offers the first 3 people to quit the competition a reward box, one holds $5k.  McCrae and Judd seem to be considering taking the bribe.

Next Thursday… DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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