Short Notes – 7.31.13

Comcast XFINITY the world’s WORST company!

Goodbye Earl

Words to Live By

Comcast saga continues….. I have received several emails and tweets from people who say they are Reps from Comcast, they don’t confirm this with a location, address, phone, etc.  Each time they say they need my FULL service address, phone number and account number EMAILED or TWEETED to them.  I have continued to say if they will give me a phone number to contact that is NOT 1800COMCAST, but a direct line I will be happy to make contact and get this resolved.   As of 4:38 PM EST there is NO ONE within the Comcast XFINITY organization willing to provide me with a direct number I can call to speak with someone who can help me.  I will continue to tweet, Facebook and post here on the blog the progress or lack thereof.  My old TIVO is starting to look more and more like the program I will be changing to.  Below is an example of a series of tweets between me and someone who calls himself Comcast Matt.

Kendall Rumsey             ‏@NotesSouthKitch                                19h        

COMCAST XFINITY – Worst Company In World, My Story  @Comcast @XFINITY @comcastcares @NBCUniversal Brian L Roberts CEO

And then mysteriously the tweets end…. interesting huh?


9.19 1

9.19.12 – Sunrise, Singer Island Beach

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