Big Brother 15 Episode 15 #MVP, #POV, #Comcast

bb15I admit it, Comcast wins.  If you don’t know what is going on, take a few minutes to read, if it wasn’t SO frustrating, it would be funny.   Read here.

With the ongoing issues, I can’t pause, can’t rewind, fast forward and certainly not watch a recorded episode on DVR, so I am watching live, realtime.

With that said, no long-winded stuff here….

Howard and Spencer are nominated for eviction.


Amanda is nominated by America as 3rd possible eviction.


Jessie and Candice are chosen to play the Veto.


Helen is host.


McCrae freaks out.

Spencer wins POV.


Candice is nominated in his place.


End of episode.

Howard will probably go home tomorrow night and maybe someday Comcast will fix my service!

Short Notes – 7.31.13

Comcast XFINITY the world’s WORST company!

Goodbye Earl

Words to Live By

Comcast saga continues….. I have received several emails and tweets from people who say they are Reps from Comcast, they don’t confirm this with a location, address, phone, etc.  Each time they say they need my FULL service address, phone number and account number EMAILED or TWEETED to them.  I have continued to say if they will give me a phone number to contact that is NOT 1800COMCAST, but a direct line I will be happy to make contact and get this resolved.   As of 4:38 PM EST there is NO ONE within the Comcast XFINITY organization willing to provide me with a direct number I can call to speak with someone who can help me.  I will continue to tweet, Facebook and post here on the blog the progress or lack thereof.  My old TIVO is starting to look more and more like the program I will be changing to.  Below is an example of a series of tweets between me and someone who calls himself Comcast Matt.

Kendall Rumsey             ‏@NotesSouthKitch                                19h        

COMCAST XFINITY – Worst Company In World, My Story  @Comcast @XFINITY @comcastcares @NBCUniversal Brian L Roberts CEO

And then mysteriously the tweets end…. interesting huh?


9.19 1

9.19.12 – Sunrise, Singer Island Beach

Life’s Playlist…. Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks

Life’s Playlist….  Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks