COMCAST XFINITY – Worst Company In the World…. My Story

comcast-sucksAs I sit here waiting for a return call from a Comcast supervisor, after being on hold for 39 minutes and then disconnected, I continue to find reasons to support my belief that Comcast XFINITY is the WORLD’S WORST COMPANY.

Below please find my reasoning and let me know, can you think of a worse company?

By the way, I award them dubious title worst in the world because it seems as though the majority of their “service” personnel are citizens of nations that have no ties to America except cheap labor by greedy corporations that could care less about the satisfaction of customers.

A bit of background…

I have been a Comcast customer for more than 20 years.  I have gone through all the name-changes, buy-outs and the like and have stayed with the company.  I first became a customer in Atlanta, then when I moved to West Palm Beach continued, stayed with them when I bought my condo, remained when I moved to Lake Park to a home and now back to West Palm to the condo….  all this time, never changed my service.  I have paid my monthly bills and upheld my end of the bargain with Comcast as a customer….  now it is obvious that is a one-sided relationship that Comcast has no desire to reciprocate.

Here’s is my story….

June 1st.  I called Comcast to advise that I would be moving on June 15th.  I advised the customer “service” rep that I would be taking my DVR with me and also advised that the condo I was moving to had basic cable as a feature of the property and I would just want to carry along my upgrades and internet.  Advised by customer “service” rep this would not be a problem and when I got to my new home to plug-in the equipment and all would be good.  At the time I advised the rep to end my service at my the former residence on June 15th.

June 15, I move, plug equipment in and all is good.

July 7th, receive bill for my old residence.  Call Comcast and advised I never requested the service be disconnected…. ummm, ok.  Can you disconnect the equipment please?

July 10th, as I am watching Big Brother on my DVR, my set freezes.  (read recap here.)  The set freezes at approximately 9:45 PM.  I call the Comcast Customer “Service” line and am greeted by a representative after being in cue for over 20 minutes.   The representative tells me he will be happy to assist and says he is running a fix through my set, it will take 45 minutes and I should not TOUCH the set, if I do this will jeopardize the repair and everything will have to start over.  This all sounds very weird, but ok, why would he lie to me?

45 minutes later when the television has done nothing, I call back.  Another 30 minutes in cue, another lovely customer “service” rep comes on the line and informs me that he is going to run a repair through the lines and it will take 5 minutes.  After the 5 minutes are up, again nothing happens.  At this point I am told the rep cannot help me and I will need to have a technician come out to fix the problem.  I blow up and demand a supervisor.

After being on hold for another 20 minutes a lovely young lady from the southern United States comes on the line to attempt to fix my issue.  She runs through several attempts and the set will not fix.  She advises that she is going to have to set up an appointment for the repairman to visit and the earliest appointment she has is FOUR DAYS AWAY!

I lose it again and this lovely young lady from the southern United States calms me and tells me there is something else I can do in the meantime.  She ask how far from the Comcast office I am and I advise her 1 mile.  She advises I disconnect the DVR and take it back to the office and swap it out, more than likely that will fix the repair.  From there I can decide if I want to keep the appointment four days away.  I agree and thank her for the assistance.

July 11th, 8AM I am sitting in the waiting room at Comcast behind six other people who have arrived ahead of me all with the same frustrated look on our faces.  As I am called up to the counter and greeted by the customer “service” representative who sits behind bullet proof glass, I attempt to explain my story.

Miss personality behind bullet proof glass goes on to tell me that I should have brought my old equipment to the office and never plugged it in.  She advised when you move the equipment can’t go with you and you must come to the office to get new equipment.

I explained to the lady behind bullet proof glass that I was told just the opposite by the representative who I called when I was moving.  She informed me that I was wrong……ok, fine I am wrong.

When I asked the lady behind bullet proof glass why the service worked for a month after moving, her response was, that I was just lucky.  (Read all about it here.)

At this point I get the new equipment from the lady behind the bullet proof glass and prepare to leave.  Out of the blue I say, will all of the shows and settings that are on my DVR transfer?  No, you will just lose those kind lady behind the bullet proof glass smiles and advises.

When I return home from work that night I install the new DVR.  I reprogram some of the shows and move forward.  I decide NOT to cancel the service call and let the rep come on Saturday to check my connections.

July 13th, a young man arrives at my house to work on the DVR and ensure that all is correct.  Let me say here, the technicians that come to your home are the ONLY redeeming personnel at this company.  They know the phone reps and counter reps have no idea what they are talking about and do everything they can to correct the mistakes of their co-workers.

Young man comes to my home and gets everything set up.  I have an extra piece of equipment and he tells me just to take it and turn it in.  He does a great job and I am satisfied.

After young technician leaves, I pack up the piece of equipment and take it to Comcast.  SAME DAY!  I wait my turn and have another woman, behind the bullet proof glass, call me to the counter.

When I turn the equipment in, lady behind the counter advises me that I still have equipment outstanding at my OLD address.  No I advise her that equipment was turned in on the 11th to the lady sitting right beside her behind the bullet proof glass.

I ask to speak to a supervisor and I am advised, lady I turned the equipment in to on Thursday IS the supervisor, same lady who didn’t take the equipment off my account.

I tell lady there is a mistake and I don’t have the equipment.  At this point I am given the Comcast XFINITY company line and scripture….  “well it says it here on the computer screen.”  Lady behind the bullet proof glass, sitting beside the lady who didn’t take the equipment off my account when I turned it into her advised me the only thing she can do is request an investigation and in about a week I will get a call to let me know the outcome.

Customer “service” rep writes my investigation number down on a yellow sticky note in red pen and hands it to me.

As I am leaving I look at the lady standing next to me, on the customer side of the bullet proof glass and roll my eyes, she says “you are too cute, I would have cussed her out by now.”  I smile and walk away.

Thursday, July 25th, I receive a call from the “investigator” at Comcast XFINITY.  She advises me that I have the equipment in question and I can either turn it in or pay for it.  I advise I don’t have it, she advises I do.  We go back and forth, she ask me why I had been paying for it for 3 years and I told her I didn’t realize I was.  She ask, don’t you look at your bill?  Seriously, can ANYONE tell me what they are being charged for by Comcast?  Ok, I admit it I should know but I don’t.  I love it on the phone, use words with the “investigator” that were not appropriate and she tells me I will be receiving a bill for $185 that I must pay or my service will be disconnected.  One of us, I don’t remember who hung up on the other.

Flash forward to Sunday, July 28th…. SEVENTEEN DAYS after my last issue with Comcast XFINITY.  It is a rainy afternoon and I decide to watch the movie TED saved on my DVR.  Approximately 30 minutes into the movie, the screen freezes and nothing.

I wait and try to change things around and nothing.

Turn off the tv and turn it back on…. NOTHING.

I call Comcast.  Another lovely customer “service” rep from the other side of the planet answers he begins going through the same process that I have been going through with every other rep on the phone.  At this point I have had enough and ask to speak to a supervisor.  Ten minutes later the rep comes back on the phone to tell me the supervisor can’t come to the phone, I advise the “service” rep that he needs to get someone on the phone NOW.

A few minutes later, Supervisor John (employee number 1936443) comes on the line.  He genuinely seems to care.  He apologizes, I hear him out, he advises that someone will be at my house the next morning to repair or replace the DVR.  (Remember those shows saved and recorded on the NEW 17 day old DVR…. they will now be gone.)

John says he is crediting my account $50 and not charging for the service call.  Seriously, nice try, but REALLY!!?!?!?!?

The next morning, Monday, July 29th, two reps show up at my house to repair the DVR.  A repair person and his in-training protégé.  I explain to the gentlemen what has been going on and they simply roll their eyes, evidently they have heard it all before.

My rep feels that a bad movie was what caused the problem, he checks the connections and other details and after a few adjustments feels like all is good.  After about 40 minutes, we shake hands and the men leave.

Monday night, SAME night, I am watching a show on DVR and when I try to fast forward the SAME THING happens that happened on Sunday.  I try all the same fixes and nothing happens.  It is 10 pm and I am furious, I take my dog for a walk and when I come in the TV has unfrozen and seems to be working.  I go to bed, hoping that the shows to be recorded are going to work.

Tuesday, July 30th I come home from work.  Want to watch a recorded show and notice on 54 minutes of the show recorded.  I turn it on, when the show hits the 54 minute mark it freezes.

I call Comcast XFINITY, am hold for over 20 minutes when “Richard” answers.  I ask for a Supervisor, “Richard” says he needs details, I advise him he really wants to get a supervisor as the issue is now over 6 weeks old.  He puts me on hold.

After 14 minutes, “Richard” comes on the line to advise that “Ray” the supervisor can’t come to the phone but will call me back.  I ask for “Ray’s” employee ID number, he puts me on hold to get it or “Ray” and 39 minutes later the phone goes dead.

And that my friends is where we are now.  I still wait for a call to repair my service by Comcast XFINITY.

After my last tweet regarding Comcast I was contacted by someone who claims to be a Comcast rep wanting to help me.  Here’s the deal, you now have the full story, my full name is on my Twitter account and on this blog.  You can get in touch with me if you want to make this right, as for me I am ready to drop the additional services I pay for and just use the basic service provided by the condo.

I will keep you all up to date on what happens next.


20 thoughts on “COMCAST XFINITY – Worst Company In the World…. My Story

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  2. They really are awful. I’ve had similar problems with them and different problems with them as well. They are also famous for double billing! Talk about a mess! I had to dispute the charges with my bank on more than one occasion. They are no longer allowed to store my credit card info on their site. I hope you are able to get it all worked out.

    • thanks, I got a tweet from someone named Comcast Matt last night….. ‏@ComcastMattV 11h
      @NotesSouthKitch u can call 1-800-comcast or you can email us and we will look into ur issue and have someone reach out to you

      SERIOUSLY, I can call the 1800 number??? THAT is the problem, but obviously the rep didn’t read the post!

  3. I’ve had issues, too. Once I called with a problem and the service tech turned up with his 8 year old daughter. The child would not respond to anything I said to her and when I went to look over the tech’s shoulder to see what he was doing on my computer, she squeezed in between us and pushed me away. Another time, when I had problems with my TVs, phones and internet — all at the same time — the tech told me there was nothing wrong with Comcast and it must be the fault of my TVs, phones and computer!

    I must reset my modem at least every 6 weeks because I cannot sign on to the net. Late night TV has frequent interruptions in picture and sound. See what happens when a community is forced to deal with a monopoly?

    • Since my post of last July, I’ve still had problems. Night-time tv still has stutter-then-stop issues on my favorite programs — then they removed favorite programs with no notice of where they’ve gone… Email is often unavailable — for days at a time. This company ranks right up high as too-much-money for too-little-service.

      • I have found comments on Twitter and Facebook gets their attention. It is sad they can’t just help the customer without being shamed, but if they need to be shamed to get results so be it.

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  9. Funny… As I was waiting for 5 minutes for Comcast to send a 3 sentence email, your email appeared in the inbox. All this week, I’ve been unable to either get online or open emails. This is not an uncommon occurrence. I’ve had this — and other — problems so often that I now know that I can reset the modem by inserting a paperclip in the hole on the back of the device. Sometimes this actually fixes something, but not tonight. Oh well, perhaps someone out there can profit by my experience.

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  11. when I called Comcast representative that first month it will be free(if if is below 30 days) and from the second month onwards they will charge only $38 and they don’t charge any mailing charges for modem. After 04 days I got the modem and I am shocked to see that they charge $30 for mailing charges and also they charged $38(Total $68) for service from the day I talk to them. I called them and asked about the extra charge they say that is valid charge. No proper response from them. I felt that this company is not a reliable company. service is also very bad.i paid everything. is there any court I can report over this company for misguiding me.

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