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Friday’s Hero former President George H. W. Bush (41)

Sweet Home Alabama

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Episode 13 Aaryn won the Head of Household last night on Big Brother, how appropriate that it came on episode 13.

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Friday’s Hero – Former President, George H. W. Bush 7.26.13 @BushLibrary

FRIDAY’SGeorge H. W. Bush is the last of a generation of leaders who carried our country with honor and integrity.  Not managed by polls or donors, but by what is right for our country.

George H. W. Bush was a man of conviction and in the end his convictions led to his defeat.  While I didn’t agree with much of the Bush agenda as President, I never doubted the former President’s values, his belief in America or his trust worthiness.

I voted for Bush the first time, I didn’t vote for him the second time.  I believe I made the right decision in both instances.

Bush’s service to our country began as a boy in the Navy, a tenure in the United States House of Representatives led to United Nations Ambassador, CIA Director, Vice-President and President.  Few in our nation’s history have a pedigree that compares to George H. W. Bush.

As President, one of Bush’s enduring accomplishments was his Points of Light Award.  Focusing on service to one’s community and nation, President Bush honored these individuals throughout his term in office and the organization has continued in the year’s since his presidency.  Last week, President Obama welcomed former President Bush to the White House as together they honored the nation’s 5,000th Point of Light designee.

This week, Bush shaved his head in solidarity with a two-year-old little boy going through chemo treatments.  On the Today Show, he explained to his grand-daughter Jenna Bush Hager, that he shaved his head because it was “the right thing to do.” 

Doing the right thing is the legacy of George H. W. Bush, while not always popular, he never wavered on his dedication and determination to do what he felt was right.

Now at 89 years old, former President Bush continues to lead the way, he shows us what true service is and how small gestures make a huge difference.  For his leadership, his convictions and for his almost 90 years a s point of light, I choose George H. W. Bush (41) as Friday’s Hero for July 26, 2013.


Life’s Playlist…. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd


Life’s Playlist…. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd