Big Brother 15, Episode 11; #BB15 #HOH #Nominations

bb15So when we were last together, Jeremy was on his way out the door and Judd became king of the mountain.

Judd has officially become my favorite player in the house, I think he is hilarious and is showing that you can play the game with class and honor.

Now let’s see what’s going on in the house…


Advisory still starts the show.

Show begins with recap of eviction, Kaitlin crying in diary room, Aaryn trying to be humble and Helen celebrating.

Spencer worries about an all girl alliance as the first three people evicted have all been men.

The majority of the house genuinely seems excited that Judd has won HOH.

Amanda immediately begins the push Judd to put Howard on the block for eviction.  Her pushing rubs Judd the wrong way, as I have said before Amanda’s “push” will be what gets her evicted.

Judd’s HOH room is exactly what you would expect…  goofy pictures of High School Judd, pictures with his mom, a sweet letter from his mom and dad.   At some point CBS will probably need to start using permanent sub-titles for Judd.

GinaMarie’s use of the English language is a comedy segment for the evening.  Interprenator, compronisation, et al, she’s a genius.

Howard and Candice began a showmance…. it’s sweet.

The nasty girls, GinaMarie, Aaryn and Kaitlin have a tiff, that’s the thing with nasty girls, they will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

Have and Have Nots competition is a fro-yo “nasty food” tasting for weight gain.

Orange team is Andy, Spencer, Candice and  Jessie  – gained 11 pounds in the competition

Blue team Helen,  GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn – gained 13.2 pounds

Green team  McCrae, Amanda, Howard and Elissa – gained 12.9 pounds

GinaMarie has the best swallowing talent.  (See my prediction for GinaMarie in my first impressions.)

Have nots are Andy, Spencer, Candice and Jessie

Amanda continues to push for Howard to be nominated along with Spencer and Candice.

Elissa and Howard share a session of yoga…..  exercise porn for the masses.

Amanda once again pushes Judd to nominate Howard.  McCrae and Andy just watch her push, Andy states the obvious and what the rest of the world is thinking….. Amanda is playing WAY to hard and pissing people off.


Nominated for Eviction……

BB 15 AARYN  Aaryn

BB15 KAITLIN  Kaitlin

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