Friday’s Hero – 7.19.13; #TaliasBucketList

FRIDAY’STalia Joy Castellano died this week.  Thirteen years old, she died of cancer after living a life filled with joy, pain, honesty and pride.

I never met Talia, my connection to her was through Facebook, my friend Donatella Botolino and her son Denali, who also fought a valiant battle with cancer before his young life was cut short.

Talia made an impact on the world with her light in her 13 short years.  She used her love of make-up and fashion to overcome the ugliness of a cancer diagnosis.  Her infectious zest for living was captured through her YouTube videos eventually catching the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and CoverGirl.

Talia Joy Castellano died this week, but her spirit continues to move people even after earning her wings.

Just days before Talia passed away she posted her Bucket List.  A handwritten list of 76 items she would like to accomplish and some she was able to accomplish.


Talia never finished her bucket list, however those who were moved by her life are making sure each item is checked off,  in her memory.

Photos have been cropping up on the Talia Joy Facebook page since she passed with the Bucket List items completed.

Even in death Talia Joy inspires.  Her legacy of light and love will live on through those who took up the cause of a 13-year-old little girl, bringing the world together in tribute.

This week’s Friday’s Heroes are those who have helped to complete Talia’s Bucket List.

See the photos of Talia’s bucket list completions here, here, here, here and here.


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