Big Brother 15 – MVP Vote… Who You Should Vote for & Why

bb15Last night Julie Chen made America the MVP this week on Big Brother.

A new twist that allows the viewer to have a say in who may go home next Thursday.  With a short voting window, I have chosen four house guests below that I think deserve consideration for the MVP vote.

I would love to know your thoughts and reasons for who you are voting for…

My four possible MVP votes:

BB 15 AARYN  AARYN:  I think Aaryn is the number one target for an MVP vote.  Easily she is the least popular player and I for one can’t wait to see Julie Chen interview her once she comes out of the house.  Truth be known, I would guess CBS and Big Brother Execs decided to make America MVP this week for the very reason of getting Aaryn out of the house.

One reason NOT to vote for Aaryn… and honestly this is a small reason that I don’t know is worth risking, more than likely Judd will nominate her, which means America’s #2 may be put up and that choice could be a wide-ranging toss-up.

BB15 GINAMARIE  GINAMARIE:  Let’s face it, poor GinaMarie needs to get out of that house and back to her pretend romance with Nick.   (I am sure by now Nick has found an alias, unlisted his phone number and changed all of his Social Media contacts in preparation for GM’s eviction.)  Or for more practical reasons, GinaMarie provides nothing for the show.  She is overly loud, overly obnoxious, overly aggressive and quite frankly has done nothing to back up her hyperbole.

A reason NOT to vote for GinaMarie, she has no chance of winning this show.  GinaMarie is a hanger-on that can be removed on another day.

BB15 SPENCER  SPENCER:  Highly impressed with himself, Spencer is not the great mind that he thinks he is.  The decisions that Spencer has latched onto have been instigated by others.  With little to offer the game other than, well…. little to offer the game.

One reason to keep Spencer in the game is that he will vote for the side of the house I am pulling for right now.

BB15 JESSIE  JESSIE:  Is she still on the show?  Do the cameras not know she is there?  I don’t like floaters, either play the game or go home, Jessie is a major floater.

The ONLY reason not to vote for Jessie is that she is floating along my favorites side for now and voting where my peeps tell her to.

I think Aaryn will get the vote, I hope Aaryn goes home this week one way or the other.  The game will be more enjoyable to watch without having to fear the next offensive remarks from this player.   Either way, this week is going to be fun and telling for the contestants. 

Imagine finding out that you are the person America wants out of the house most, that must be a blow to ego unlike getting nominated by your competitors.

7 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 – MVP Vote… Who You Should Vote for & Why

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