Big Brother Season 15 Episode 10; #BB15 #HOH #Eviction #Backdoor

bb15It’s eviction night, who will it be Aaryn, Jeremy or Spencer?  I think we all know the answer to that question!

Let’s get that backdoor ready and find out what happens.


Viewer discretion advisory still in place…. sad.

Julie Chen rocking the bright red asymetrical dress!

Show starts, recap, recap, diary, recap, diary

Jeremy dressed like a baby, Aaryn trying to act like a human, GinaMarie mourning Nick, Amanda making boob jokes, McCrae loving Amanda’s boobs, Judd being awesome and Andy sitting in the middle of everything watching.  Is Jessie still on this show?

Jeremy tries to make nice with Helen and Elissa, I am shocked that Helen bought into it as much as she did.

Julie visits the living room and interviews the house guests.

Amanda and McCrae showmance of the summer and their families weigh in.  Hilarity ensues.



ANDY…  Jeremy

HOWARD… Jeremy

ELISSA… Jeremy

KAITLIN… Spencer


AMANDA… Jeremy

McCRAE… Jeremy

JESSIE… Jeremy

JUDD… Jeremy

Votes are in…..

Aaryn  – 0

Spencer – 1

Jeremy – 9

BB15 JEREMYTime to exit the backdoor Cherokee Chief!

Jeremy is evicted.

Jeremy leaves with class and thanks all his competitors.  I wish he would have been this player all along.


We are the MVP this week, the viewers!  WOOHOO, I have a feeling I know who we are all voting for and I think CBS and Big Brother are planning for that nomination…. time to vote!  VOTE AARYN, VOTE AARYN, VOTE AARYN!!!!!!!!  I still can’t believe how wrong I was about her in my first impressions.


Big Brother Royalty, America voted on names for the house guests.

Tiebreaker…. Judd, Kaetlin, McCrae

Winner Is:  JUDD WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is going to be a HI-LAR-I-OUS WEEK!!!!  WOOHOO, JUDD IS THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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