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City Living – 610 Clematis

610As I continue to get re-acquainted with the City, some of the area’s art in public places highlights the beauty of the downtown.

One of my favorite pieces was created by Ralfonso Gschwend and installed in 2005.  Located at 610 Clematis, this beautiful sculpture is found in the front courtyard of this downtown condo building.

I have always liked this sculpture.  The combination of the globe shape with the tension wires and mirrors is a unique combination of textures and shape.

As you walk up to the sculpture you find your image picked up in all of the small mirrors.  As I try to get into the head of the artist, I envision the design representing our place in the world and how from one small place our imprint can be placed on all the areas of our planet.

Another great find and feature in City Living!

Life’s Playlist…. To Love You More from GLEE


Life’s Playlist…. To Love You More from GLEE