Short Notes – 7.11.13

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SO Good!

BB#15, Episode or better known as Comcast/ XFINITY is the Anti-Christ!

From my Facebook today….. re: XFINITY and Comcast…. without a doubt the world’s WORST company for customer service!

8:00 AM – after being on phone with Comcast til after midnight, now waiting for new box at the payment center….. ugh Comcast.   Poor Amy Zimm and Susy Vieira Parsonsfeeling annoyed.

10:30 AM –

So the ever so pleasant Comcast lady, smiled and she looked down her nose at me and informed me that when I moved I should have turned my old equipment in and gotten new equipment.
I assume I was just supposed to know that as no one has mentioned that over the last 2 months.
I got new boxes and as an aside I just asked “so will all the things that are on my old DVR transfer to my new DVR”……. oh no, pleasant lady looking down her nose at me replies…. all of that will be lost.
When I asked how have I been using this equipment from my old residence at the new residence of the last month when you say it wasn’t supposed to work?  Her response was, “you were just lucky I guess.”
Seriously ‪#‎ComcastSUX‬ !
and for those of you saying go with Uverse, I have heard just as many horror stories about them, plus the condo has to all have the same provider, we are under a blanket Comcast account, but thanks for the recommendations. — feeling irritated.

Pb Bridge

Royal Park Bridge – 7.7.13

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