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Show recap, Wednesday night.

The show begins at the end of the Nomination Ceremony where Elissa and Helen are nominated.

Helen and Elissa go into the “Have nots” room to console each other.  They agree not to stir the pot and make waves in the house against each other.

Aaryn and Helen meet up in the HOH room, Helen lets Aaryn know that the offer of working together is still available.  I think Helen has a really strong idea here, working with your enemy behind everyone’s back.  Aaryn SEEMS to be on board with this, but can anyone really trust Aaryn???

The MVP is named and guess who……  Elissa wins again.

Elissa reports back to Helen that she won the MVP.  Jeremy is Elissa’s target.  Helen agrees Jeremy is the best choice.

GinaMarie has it bad for Nick, she is flaunting the boobage and tossing her extensions trying to work him.   Nick seems to be running from ALL the girls.

The house guests gather in the living room to pick players for the Veto Competition, the first learn that Jeremy has been nominated by the MVP for eviction.

Amanda and Nick are chosen to be players in the Veto competition against, Aaryn, Helen, Jeremy and Elissa.

Elissa begins to regret her choice of Jeremy as the third nominee immediately.

Elissa goes  to Nick to discuss the POV competition.  She lets Nick know that a two-week deal is open for him IF he throws the veto competition.  She lets Nick know, if he doesn’t work with her and Jeremy wins the POV competition that she will put Nick on the line for eviction.

Nick tells Elissa that he will throw the competition for two weeks of safety.

In the diary room, Nick says he will NOT throw the competition and will tell Elissa anything she needs to hear to keep himself safe.

Howard proves once again that he is THE man when he finds Elissa and Helen in tears prior to the POV

And this is now where my DVR and Cable just went out…. gotta love Comcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have been assured that when the DVR powers back up, in 45 minutes that the program will still be there.  Was told by Comcast “oh your DVR just lost memory, no big deal.”  Comforting huh?

So IF and when it comes back up and IF and when I have the remainder of the show on my box, I will finish this post…. sorry everyone!

Short Notes – 7.10.13

Justin Bieber is an asshole.

Imagine Dragons gets Radioactive

Your tax dollars at work.

Johnny Depp

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Sunrise, Palm Beach 7.10.13

Life’s Playlist…. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


Life’s Playlist….  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons