#50×50 Week One

50 x 50Last Friday I announced my 50 x 50 Challenge here.  The gist, I will be 50 in 10 months, the goal lose 50 pounds in 10 months.

Week one has gone well.  I have done at least 45 minutes of exercise for 5 of the 7 days, I need to get that to 6 and in all honesty would have this week but I took the 4th off for fun.

My food choices have been a solid “B,” not as good as they could or should be, but not as bad as they have been.

I kept it sane on the 4th, where in recent years, I would have had a burger and hot dog and BBQ;  Thursday, I just had a burger….  baby steps!  I even limited myself to a small serving of the homemade cherry ice cream I made.

I haven’t weighed and don’t plan on it until the 28th, but I do feel better.  I seem to have more energy and my pants may be fitting a bit better…. or it could be my imagination.

Week one has seen progress, I think that is a victory!


3 thoughts on “#50×50 Week One

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  2. Eating clean is a big and important step in overall weight-loss, but don’t forget to reward yourself also. A burger on the 4th, some ice cream or some other snack, it’s all good as long as you remember not to go overboard and just keep moving. You work hard to get in shape so a treat won’t ruin it, but a treat everyday, that’s a whole different topic.

    Keep up the good work.

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