Short Notes ~ 7.4.13

A Patriotic Playlist

Big Brother Season 15 first elimination.

Big Brother 15 carry-over edition

Fireworks Thank you ZBT for the inspiration!


Homemade Cherry Ice Cream….  Happy Independence Day!  7.4.13

Big Brother 15 – #BB15 #BBHOH – Head of Household Competition


Last night’s write-up of Episode 4 ended with the Head of Household Competition in full swing.

Big Brother house guests were taking part in the yearly “try to walk on Crisco while carrying a liquid” contest.

At the end of the marathon competition, Aaryn was named Head of Household.

Aaryn then was allowed to name the “have-nots”  for the week.  The have-nots are Elissa, Candice, Helen, and Andy.

I suspect Aaryn will prove to be a head-bloated, leave them in a blood-bath HOH.

It is ironic that my first impression of Aaryn was SO wrong.  Just a week ago, my thoughts on her were…  “Aaryn, smart girl, pretty, seems likeable and has Southern charm on her side.  I predict she will be the final FEMALE standing.”

I hope Aaryn enjoys her time as HOH because when she gets kicked out, she is going to need to hit the pavement and look for a job.


Life’s Playlist…. 4th of July Edition


The Star Spangled Banner performed by Whitney Houston

God Bless American performed by Martina McBride

America the Beautiful by Ray Charles

Battle Hymn of the Republic by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Elvis Presley performs An American Trilogy