Big Brother Season 15 Episode 4 – Elimination Night…. #BB15

bb15It has been a busy day outside the Big Brother House for the characters inside the house real life.  Both GinaMarie and Aaryn lost their jobs because of their hate-speech inside.

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Last night I predicted David would go home with elimination tonight….  I stand by that prediction.

It’s now time to vote em out…. let’s get on with it!


Julie Chen opens the show in front of a live studio audience. and makes reference to people in the house “showing their true colors.”  Maybe a comment from CBS regarding the nastiness in the house tonight.

The show recaps with McCrae nominating Elissa and everyone evaluting the decision.  Elissa comes out as Rachel’s sister to Andy, McCrae and Amanda.

Jeremy and Aaryn are stirring the pot with everyone.  They are drawing a line in the sand and determined to bully their way to the top, it will be interesting to see how well this works for them.

Julie cuts to the living room and goes to Andy for comment on what the mood of the house is.  Andy says it is weird a little odd for the day.

Helen says she didn’t think the twist of 3 nominees was going to be a big deal when she first heard about it, but now that she has seen it she knows it is really going to change the game.

Candice talks about the roller coaster of being on and off the block.

The live eviction vote begins….

AMANDA – David

AARYN – Elissa

NICK – David



KAITLIN – Elissa

HELEN –  David

HOWARD – David


JUDD – David

JEREMY- Elissa

ANDY – David

BB15 DAVIDDavid is evicted with 7 votes and there is SILENCE in the room!   SILENCE!

It is obvious David is in shock when he gets to the stage to meet Julie.

On a personal note, I hate to see David go because he was some GOOD TV!  Comedy with every word!

Jeremy is the firsrt to break the bond of his secret alliance votging for Elissa instead of David.

Next prediction….  Aaryn will find a new bunkmate within 72 hours, probably Jeremy.

David’s interview with Julie is as expected…. uncomfortable.  She showcased his making hisotry in the POV competition by never spelling a word.

Head of Household competition is next…

Houseguests gather in the backyard for the BB Barbecue, one of the long competitionsof carrying the liquid down a slippery course…. it’s going to be a lengthy competition, will have to find out the winner on the boards.

Back on Sunday.

Short Notes – 6.3.13

Did you watch Big Brother last night?  If not, here is a recap.  Tonight will be the first vote for eviction.

Norah Jones sings Summertime

Words to Live By


Pat Tomasulo a TV Reporter in Chicago is AWESOME, check out the video below to see why!

and again….


Getting comfortable.  Rosalita Grace Rumsey, 7.3.13

Life’s Playlist…. Summertime performed by Norah Jones


Life’s Playlist….  Summertime performed by Norah Jones