Big Brother 15 – First Impressions…. #BB15


Big Brother is my guilty pleasure, LOVE IT!

Historically, the show has some of the best twist and turns of any other reality show and we REALLY get to know the characters.  This summer doesn’t look to disappoint.

Below, my first impressions on the cast, the twists and a WAY out there prediction for the winner of BB15.

BB 15 AARYN  Aaryn, smart girl, pretty, seems likeable and has Southern charm on her side.  I predict she will be the final FEMALE standing.

BB15 AMANDA Amanda, south-Florida girl, going to use her LARGE assets to her advantage, but will annoy the other women on the show quickly.  I predict lots of tears.

BB15 ANDY Andy, why does the gay character have to be the most effeminate flamboyant person to audition?   Wouldn’t it be great to see a normal guy as the gay character? Sigh.

BB15 CANDICE Candice, pretty, smart, athletic…. could be a contender.

BB15 DAVID David, like quite possibly the dumbest human on the planet dude!  But he is going to be some GOOD TV!

BB15 ELISSA Elissa, sister of demon spawn Rachel, won’t make it to week 3.  The other cast members are already on to her secret.

BB15 GINAMARIE GinaMarie, this is her audition for a future in porn, she will succeed at that audition.

BB15 HELEN  Helen, everyone better watch out for Helen, she works in politics so we know she can be deceptive and manipulating.  If she makes it to jury weeks, she could be a key player at the end of the game.

BB15 HOWARD Howard, my early prediction for WINNER of BB15.  He already has both men and women in the house in love with him.  If he plays it cool, he has everything he needs to win the half million!

BB15 JEREMY Jeremy, will be an animal in challenges and before the end of week 2 will probably have a “secret alliance” with every person in the house.  Look for Jeremy to be the first backdoor eviction of the season.

BB15 JESSIE Jessie, well she thinks highly of herself…..  probably too highly for Big Brother.

BB15 JUDD Judd, will be fun to watch but no chance of winning.

BB15 KAITLIN Kaitlin, was she on the show?

BB15 MCCRAE McCrae, yes America, he really is a pizza-boy.  He is also the first Head of Household which doesn’t usually fare for success in the house.  I hope he stays around for a while because he could be really fun!

BB15 NICK Nick, will be the character that America grows to hate, QUICKLY!  Won’t see his blind-side coming!

BB15 SPENCER Spencer, will be the character most likely to blow up first.  Watch out, when he blows it won’t be pretty!



The Big Brother MVP, #BBMVP, I love this twist and it will add a great dimension to this year’s show, but wouldn’t it be awesome for the HOH to have only one nomination and the viewers to have the other, now THAT would have been an interesting twist!

It looks like this season can be a great one…. I know I will be watching!

Short Notes ~ 6.26.13

Today was a historic day for America!  The United States Supreme Court ruled that DOMA was unconstitutional and did not issue an opinion on Prop 8, which in effect allows same-sex marriage in California.  Read about it here, here, here, here,  here and here.

Life’s Playlist

Posted from my Facebook page earlier today…..

Watched Paula Deen this morning on the Today Show.  She is 100% right, if ANYONE on this earth has not said something they shouldn’t have, let them be the one to step up and throw the first stone.  Until then, how about we all start showing a bit of compassion.  This world would be a much better place if we were not always trying to play “gotcha” with each other. 

 I have no doubt Paula Deen has done a lot more good in this world than bad and that should count for something, not just the mistakes of her past.

And now I step down off my soap-box.

Words to Live By

BIG BROTHER Season 15 begins tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Life’s Playlist…. Love Can Build a Bridge


Life’s Playlist….  Love Can Build a Bridge

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