Short Notes – 5.21.13


Oklahoma Senators Coburn and Inhofe consistently vote against disaster relief for other states and increased funding for FEMA, I wonder how they will vote now?  Huffington Post

Has Pat Robertson blamed the gays yet?  Oklahoma tornado coverage here, here and here.

Mollie Reynolds is this week’s Tuesday 10 feature.

Call Me

Zach Sobiech died yesterday at 17 years of age, his story  is one of the most inspirational LIFE stories I have ever seen.


Words to Live By


Tuesday 10 ~ Mollie Reynolds

TuesdayMollie Reynolds IS social media in the South Florida news market.  As social media correspondent for WPTV-TV 5 in West Palm Beach, Mollie brings a unique slant to the many stories she covers.

When Mollie arrived on the south Florida media scene, she brought with her a youth and excitement that fit perfectly in the new social media culture.  Her dedication to getting her facts straight, her timely take on “what’s happening” and her genuine excitement for the news is infectious.

Not only is Mollie the consummate news professional, but also a community partner who can always be counted on for support.  I have had the opportunity to work with Mollie on a variety of events and fund-raising programs and she is a joy to work with.  Always on time, always with a smile, always dialed in on what the mission is for the day…. that’s Mollie!

South Florida is fortunate to have a caring, knowledgeable, professional helping give us the news each day.  I am fortunate to call Mollie a friend and thank her for taking part in the Tuesday 10!

You can learn more about Mollie at her Facebook page….

Mollie Reynolds – Tuesday 10

1)Excluding family members, who inspires you?

This is a tough question because no one really comes to mind. I am inspired by anyone who works really hard at what they do on a daily basis. Or anytime I meet someone or hear about someone on the news who had to overcome some sort of physical or emotional challenge yet still live their life to the fullest each day…those are the people who really inspire me.  If I meet someone like this I always think.. there is no reason to complain about anything.  

2)What is your guilty pleasure?

Cheesy Chick Flicks (I often go to the movies alone to see these because I know my friends will make fun) , jamming out the NSYNC or Backstreet Boys when I’m alone in my car and I love “Good & Plenty” candies, which many think are disgusting.

3)If you were to write a book, who is one person you would want to list in the acknowledgements and what would you say?

I would like to thank my sister, Abby Reynolds, for giving the gift of life to our dad.

(She donated him one of her kidneys. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and he ended up having to have another transplant. But all is good now and everyone is happy and healthy)

4)What is your favorite sandwich?mollie

Chicken Salad Sandwiches. Yum!

5)What is the best professional advice you ever received?

“Never get comfortable. Everyone is replaceable.” It’s a little harsh, but it’s true. And you have to remember the business I’m in. Television is extremely cut throat.

6)As a child, what was your favorite bedtime story?

Had to ask my parents about this one. My mom said I didn’t have a favorite bedtime story, but loved when my dad would rock me and sing, “The Wheels on the Bus”! I also loved “Prudence and her Potty”. Haha.  My mom said she used to rock me and tell me stories about what I’d be like as a big girl!

7)Who is the first Presidential candidate you ever voted for?

Nice try. No comment. =)

8)What is the one career achievement you are most proud of?

Creating my own position as the first Social Media Reporter in my company.  I was turned down many times and people did not take me seriously when I said I would eventually create my own position. It took a few years to sell this to my bosses and now I feel as though we need an entire social media department! Luckily, I found my niche when social media was just getting hot.

9)If you could spend the day with any fictional character, who would you choose and why?

Willie Wonka! I am such a chocoholic it is not even funny. Just ask any of my former roommates and friends.

10)What is the best meal you ever ate?

I guess the best meal would be more about the people I was with at the time & not really the food. So I’m going to say any Thanksgiving. My parents always have the entire family at their house for Thanksgiving. Lots of memories. The food is always amazing, too!

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Life’s Playlist….Call Me by Blondie


Life’s Playlist….Call Me by Blondie

Listen  here.