Short Notes ~ 5.15.13

A classic rock anthem on the playlist.

Ain’t Minnesota beautiful!

Poor Kid

Words to Live By

Pathfinder Scholars are recognized by the Palm Beach Post.

Pat Robertson REALLY is cra-cra!

If I am not here tomorrow, there are 360,000,000 reasons why!

Without a doubt the BEST thing I have seen on Facebook in ages!  From Watch it!

Preach Kirstie Alley PREACH!

Maybe the Obama Administration should have done this PRIOR to spying on the media.  IJS

Democratic House Member goes after Holder and Department of Justice.

REALLY?  Just remember, Karma!

Who will win?  Candice or Kree, will you be watching?


Life’s Playlist … Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who


Life’s Playlist … Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who

Listen here