Short Notes ~ The Bible Mini-Series

the-bibleLast night I finally watched the last installment of The Bible on the History Channel.

I watched each of the other four parts in real-time but wasn’t able to watch the final installment on Easter night and had left it on my DVR until I was in the right frame of mind to watch.  Sunday night was that night.

I was very excited to watch this mini-series when it was announced.  Under the tutelage of Mark Burnett, I was optimistic of the production value and story telling.

In all honesty, weeks 1 – 4 were ok, but left me wanting something more substantial.  I didn’t feel as though the first four nights were particularly well acted or filmed, hour one of week five made up for all of that.

The brutality of the crucifixion, the pain that Jesus endured for us was shown in every bloody detail.  The honesty depicted on the screen was superb.

The Easter story is complete with a beautiful resurrection and appearance before his Disciples.  Especially poignant was the Lord’s Supper scene and Jesus laying his hands on his followers and easing Thomas doubts.

This hour-long highlight was the moving high point of the entire series, unfortunately for the story of the Bible there was one hour left.

While much of the grace of Jesus was shown during this hour, it did not measure up to the previous scenes.

I applaud Burnett and the History Channel for bringing this series to television.  I only wish the eight hours the preceded and the one hour after the crucifixion and resurrection would have been as strong.

Understandably that one hour is the emotional high point of the Bible story, but so much more could have been done with the other nine.

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