Boston Bombing Suspects

These are the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing case.  If you know or see these animals, please contact the FBI at 1-800-494-TIPS.


Short Notes.. Reason 74,362 Why Joe Scarborough Should Be POTUS

Joe Scarborough should be President of the United States.  He speaks the truth where both parties are concerned, he is conservative/moderate and has the experience to make a difference.

I would love to see him run on a combined ticket with a Democrat in an Independent campaign for America’s future.  We have to get away from the controlling parties if we ever want to save our country!

Morning Joe on MSNBC is the best political roundtable there is, the only reason I would ever want to see the show go away would be to see Scarborough become POTUS!

Below are his comments regarding the disgusting vote by the Senate yesterday when they turned their back on 90% of Americans.

Sunrise ~ 4.18.13

















Palm Beach Shores, FL

Life’s Playlist… Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond


Life’s Playlist… Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

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