Friday’s Hero ~ 4.12.13

FRIDAY’SJonathan Winters died today, when I think of him my heart smiles.

A huge segment of our population has no idea who Jonathan Winters was, but for those of us raised in the 60s and 70s we know exactly who he was.

For those of us “of a certain age,” Jonathan Winters was our Jimmy Fallon, our Chris Rock, our Ricky Gervais… only MUCH cleaner!

After reading the news that Winters had died, I began to think… Jonathan Winters was a hero.

Jonathan Winters was someone who had the ability to make us laugh and forget about everything else around us.  The ability to make others laugh is a talent, the ability to make others laugh and forget all the bad stuff going on in their life is a gift.

There are lots of people in my life who can make me laugh, there are few who can make me laugh so hard that I forget all the “stuff” going on around me.

A tight-knit circle of friends Jorge, Michele, Allison, Leigh, they can make me laugh and forget.   These are the kind of people you want in life, the kind that can hold you when you cry and make you laugh to forget the pain.

I am fortunate to have friends like this in my life.  Jorge and I have commented on numerous occasions that when we are 70 I am sure we will still be able to make each laugh with “a dick” joke.  It’s true, as juvenile as that sounds, I want someone in my life like that.

Laughter heals, laughter keeps us young, laughter is a gift from God.

This week’s heroes of the week are the people who make us laugh!

One thought on “Friday’s Hero ~ 4.12.13

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