Friday’s Hero ~ 4.5.13

FRIDAY’SWe all have challenges along the way that change our lives.  The challenges may be large or small, but they influence the way that every aspect of our life moves forward after that moment.

It is up to us whether we accept the challenges and move forward or stick our head in the sand and let the challenge take over.

Today I salute the people who overcome incredible obstacles, the ones who take tragedy and make triumph.

Those people who OVERCOME with greatness and grace are this week’s Heroes of the Week….

One such hero was featured by Diane Sawyer on World News earlier this week.  We met her on the day of the Sandy Hook tragedy, today she has taken the sadness of that day, the beauty of the days that followed and paid it forward…..  Kaitlin Roig has proven that the best of us is often found in the worst of us.

Watch Diane Sawyer ~ Kaitlin Roig Story Here

Life’s Playlist….Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett


Life’s Playlist….Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett

Listen here