Transparent Candidate

One of the candidates for Lake Park Commission is an incumbent, Steve Hockman.  Interesting thing about incumbency, you have a record.

It is not always easy to determine if a first time candidate is just saying something to get elected or if they really and truly mean it, incumbency isn’t like that, you have a record.

On the incumbents campaign website he states….

Main Principle – Transparency in the Government!

One of the most important things within the government is transparency. There is nothing worse than when you request something from your government, but you end up getting the run around. As taxpayers, you have the right to know where and how your tax money is being spent and to know that the town is working hard to get the most “bang” for your tax dollars, and not just wasting them.

It is always interesting what someone says when they are running for office…. isn’t it!?!

Lots of keywords can be found on the website reflecting a “Main Principle” of Mr. Hockman, transparency, run around, know how your money is being spent, most “bang” for your buck, wasting….. all great buzz words for a candidate.

Each year as we put together the budget for the Town, one of the items I have tried to reduce is the line item for Commissioners “Travel and Training.”  When I was elected this line item was over $5,000 and thru the years I am proud to say I have been able to get it reduced to $2,500.  I must say it has been a fight each year as this is one line item in the budget that Mr. Hockman has always fought against reducing, he does not want to touch this item.

A few months ago, I asked the Town Staff for a breakdown of Commission expenses by individual from this account.  The numbers reflect each representative and their years in service…. it really is quite telling and transparent!

Allow me to share the numbers, with the complete breakdown listed below….


Commissioner Rumsey          $1,195.87


Commissioner Hockman       $1,347.49

Commissioner Longtin          $1,023.43


Commissioner Hockman      $1,461.40

Commissioner Longtin          $325.00

Commissioner Rumsey          $983.13

Commissioner Stevens           $1,224.08

Mayor Dubois                          $479.71


Commissioner Hockman      $3,139.54

Commissioner Stevens          $45.00

Mayor Dubois                          $1051.96


Commissioner Hockman:  2010 – 2012  – THREE YEARS          $5,948.43

Commissioner Longtin: 2010 – 2012 – THREE YEARS               $1,348.43

Commissioner Rumsey: 2009 – 2012 – FOUR YEARS                 $2,179.00

Commissioner Stevens:  2011 – 2012 – TWO YEARS                    $1,269.08

Mayor Dubois:  2011 – 2012 – TWO YEARS                                    $1,531.67

An interesting note to take away from the numbers above….  in three years Mr. Hockman spent only $379.75 less than the other four representatives COMBINED!  Transparency.

It is easy to throw up numbers on a list and show how much a Commissioner has spent, but I do think it is important to show the actual expenditures.  After all if I told you, a  Commissioner charged the Town over $325.00 for shirts in a year you may think I was making it up, or if I told you a Commissioner charged the Town to attend seven conferences in three years, that too may be considered a bit of an exaggeration.

Incumbency is interesting… have a record.

Below you will find a breakdown of Commissioner Hockman’s individual expenditures charged to the Town from 2010 – 2012.  (Keep in mind, the numbers are reflected thru SEPTEMBER 30, 2012, we have a whole new five months of spending that isn’t even accounted for here!)


Shirts:                                                                        $332.32

Travel Advance/ FLC Annual Conference         $194.00

Westin Diplomat Hotel/ FLC Annual Conf       $496.17

Registration/ FLC Annual Conference               $325.00

2010 Total:                                                         $1,347.49


PBC League of Cities Installment Luncheon    $50.00

Registration FLC                                                    $325.00

Travel Advance/ FLC Annual Conference        $313.93

Marriott Hotel/ FLC Annual Conference          $516.39

Marriott Hotel/Credit Charges                           -$41.40

Reimburse Parking                                                -$15.00

Intercontinental Hotel/Inst Elected Officials  $312.48

2011 Total:                                                         $1,461.40


Travel Adv/Institute of Elected Officials           $350.86

Travel Adv/FLC Annual Legislative Conf         $303.63

Bus Dev Board/ Life Science Lunch                   $45.00

Registration/FLC Legislative Conf                     $87.50

Registration/PBC Day                                           $100.00

Travel/American Airlines/PBC Day                   $291.40

Hyatt Regency/FLC Legislative Conf                 $328.00

Travel Advance/PBC Day                                     $86.50

Doubletree/PBC Day                                             $418.00

PBC League of Cities/Installation Luncheon   $50.00

Registration/FLC                                                   $325.00

Gold Coast Annual Breakfast                              $20.00

Travel Advance/FLC Annual Conf                     $256.65

Westin Diplomat/FLC Annual Conf                  $477.00

2012 Total:                                                        $3,139.54

Transparency shows that Steve Hockman has been a free spending, conference attending, luncheon going, shirt wearing, four star hotel staying, good time guy.  Sadly, the people of Lake Park have suffered from cuts, staff members have been laid off, employees have taken furlough days and with Mr. Hockman the conferences just keep on coming.

Mr. Hockman wants transparency in government…. it is funny how he has never discussed these expenditures with the citizenry before.

It’s a funny thing about transparency….. if you don’t walk the walk…. then your talk can come back to bite you!

Lake Park CRA and Town Commission Meetings for March 6, 2013

CRA_logoThe Lake Park CRA and Commission met in regular session last evening in Town Hall beginning at 6:30 PM.  Commissioner Tim Stevens was absent from both meetings and Ms. Sue-Ellen Mosler resigned her seat on the CRA Board because of her busy travel schedule.

The CRA meeting was quick with approval of the past meeting minutes and approval of the CRA Annual Report to be presented to the Town Commission.

An item that was added for discussion was recent parking lot changes on Park Avenue on the 700 Block of the street.  After an extensive discussion regarding the closure of portions of the parking lot, the Town Manager was instructed to meet with all interested parties to find an amicable solution to the issue.



Immediately following the CRA meeting, the Lake Park Town Commission meeting was called to order.

LPlogonewThe meeting minutes from February 20th were confirmed unanimously.

Lisa Colgan and Guadalupe Laurence were confirmed for the Library Board while Cynthia Grey’s appointment to the Planning and Zoning Committee came down to a 2-2 vote which blocked her from being named to the P&Z.

A series of votes was taken regarding classifying the “Scrub Area” as conservation land and working with Palm Beach County to open this area as natural parkland.  Each of the three votes was approved unanimously.

A site plan resolution for a SERVPRO operating within the Industrial area of the Town was approved 4-0 to allow expansion of the business.

The commission voted 4-0 to allow the Town Manager to enter into a contract with a company to provide all copiers, fax, scanners for the Town and to consolidate the services.

An item came before the Board that would be paid for by existing grant monies to expand the Town’s “Eye on Park” program allowing for six security cameras to be added to the Town’s present camera system.  The new camera’s would allow for full coverage of the entire Town.  I made a motion to approve the item, however there was no second.

It was made clear that Commissioner’s Longtin and Hockman were not in favor of the enhanced security opportunities and their “no votes” would have killed the item permanently.  I advised the Mayor NOT to second the item and to allow it to come before a new Commission in two weeks who may have more interest in security and public safety for the residents.  Staff was directed to bring the item back on March 20th.

After public comment the meeting was adjourned.

My final commission comments reflecting on the past four years may be found here.

Life’s Playlist… That’s Life by Frank Sinatra

35758555Life’s Playlist…  That’s Life by Frank Sinatra

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