Short Notes ~ POTUS Needs to STOP Playing Games

washington-dc-white-house-sIt appears that the Obama administration is cancelling all White House Tours due to the “sequester.”

Someone needs to remind the President of the United States that the White House is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, stop playing games.

Literally, stop playing games…. like golf!  How much has the President’s golf outings cost our country!?!?!??!  STOP IT!

Life’s Playlist…. If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley


Life’s Playlist…. If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley

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Tuesday 10 ~ Kendall Rumsey

TuesdayToday we begin a new feature here on the blog…WOOHOO!  The Tuesday 10, what is the Tuesday 10 you ask?  Well thanks for asking, let me explain.

The Tuesday 10 is a way for us to get to know some of the readers of the blog, people I respect in business, faith, life….  people I want to know more about.

The format is simple.  I developed 10 questions that I sent out and will continue to send.  Everyone gets the same 10 questions, but I think the answers will tell us something about the respondent.

I will share a different respondent each Tuesday…… hence, the Tuesday 10.

I thought it was important that I be the first to share, so here goes.

1)    Excluding family members, who inspires you? I am inspired by many people, I am inspired by people who take a stand, by people who can make me laugh, people who believe it is more important to give than to receive.  I aspire to be more like those who make a difference in the world in big and small ways.

2)    What is your guilty pleasure? Reality Television.  There is not a Housewife, or Survivor or Biggest Loser that doesn’t hook me.

3)    If you were to write a book, who is one person you would want to list in the acknowledgements and what would you say? I would definitely list my family, but in addition to my family members, I would list my former Pastor, David McEntire.  David taught me more about grace than any person ever has, I owe much of my faith walk to David.  What I would say is “thank you Rev. David McEntire for teaching me that God doesn’t make mistakes and grace allows us to walk WITH each other and not in front or behind.”

4)    What is your favorite sandwich? Banana on white bread with mayonnaise.  The banana has to be perfectly ripe, not mushy but a little crunch, the bread has to be fresh and the mayo needs to be Dukes. 

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