Short Notes ~Don’t Be a D-Bag!

I went to the dry cleaner this morning like I do every Saturday.  I drop off and pick up.

Lighthouse Cleaners is a great little neighborhood business where they know your name and order when you walk in the door.

Located in the Promenade Plaza, a slow strip center where you are as likely to see a duck as you are people. 

As I do every Saturday, today I drove in and parked just across the street from the front door, maybe 40 feet.  Today it happened again, for some reason there are people who don’t believe the same rules that apply to the rest of the world apply to them.

It seems to happen more often than not at this center….  today’s d-bag is a guy in his early 60s, no visible reason as to why he can’t park where everyone else does, maybe 20 feet away from where he decided to park his car in the FIRE LANE!

BTW, see the sign RIGHT BESIDE HIS CAR….. it says, No Parking – Fire Lane.


fire lane

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