Lake Park Commission Meeting, February 20, 2013

Lake Park Town HallOn Wednesday evening, February 20th, the Lake Park Town Commission gathered in Town Hall for their regular twice monthly Commission meeting.

All Commissioners were in attendance.

Mayor James Dubois called the meeting to order and added two items to the agenda.

Resolution No 03-02-13 supporting the formation of an International Baccalaureate primary programme at Lake Park Elementary School.

A discussion of the Town’s Lobbyist.

Commissioner Longtin added a discussion item to bring back the “Home of the Month” program.

All items were added to the agenda and it was approved.

Public Comment featured two speakers.  The owner of She Sells Seashells Boutique at 941 Park Avenue introduced her business and welcomed all who would like to stop in.

A representative from Kiwanis spoke in regards to the March 30th Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for Lakeshore Park, he requested free parking for the event.  I motioned, Commissioner Longtin seconded and the free parking was approved 4 – 1 with Mayor Dubois in opposition.

(This is how easy it is for special events to get free parking.  If you will remember in our last write-up of a Commission meeting, I explained how Mr. Hockman complained that the Pirate Fest was not given the same, even though no one, including Mr. Hockman requested it.  The request and process took less than 4 minutes, in the future maybe Mr. Hockman will remember this when expressing his concerns about how the Town does not support the event producers.)

Resolution No 03-02-13 was passed 4 -1 with Commissioner Longtin in opposition.  This resolution expressed the support of the Commission for Lake Park Elementary to become an International Baccalaureate School.

Items 1 and 4 of the Consent Agenda were passed unanimously.  They were the meeting minutes of Feb 6, 2013 and setting a called special meeting for the Board of Directors of the Lake Park CRA on March 6, 2013.

Items 2 and 3 were pulled from the agenda by Commissioner Longtin.

Item 2 was a resolution designed to revise and wave certain fees for use of the Town Hall Facilities.  The item was rejected 3 – 2 with myself and Commissioner Stevens on the losing side.

Item 3 declared certain Town owned property as surplus and eligible for disposal.  This item was passed unanimously after Commissioner Longtin’s questions were answered.

Items under discussion and possible action included a request to produce a Lake Park promotional video that would be linked to the Town’s website.  This item was discussed for several minutes and additional options were explored.  The staff was directed to take concerns back to the video producer and also undergo discussions with a second party.

Mayor Dubois brought back an issue that had been deleted by staff during our most recent budget negotiations.  During that time, the Town Manager recommended not renewing the Town Lobbyist contract when it ended in early Feb.  At the time the Commission went along with the recommendation of Mr. Sugerman.

I have regretted this decision since it was brought to us.

After discussion, the Commission voted 4 – 1 to renew the contract of the Town Lobbyist as his services have been a vital asset to the Town.  The Legislative body sees the lobbyist as an important partner to have as we move our Town forward.

Commissioner Longtin brought forward a request to bring back the “Home of the Month,” in Lake Park.  I 100% support this motion and cannot wait to see us bring this program back!  I recommended that Code Enforcement be in charge of choosing the winner each month and that was agreed to by the Commission.

With that, the meeting was adjourned.


A couple of notes moving forward….

THIS WEDNESDAY, February 27th the Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce will host a Candidate Forum at 6:30 PM in Town Hall Chambers.  All are invited to attend.  The event will be shown on Comcast Cable Channel 18 and in replay on the Lake Park website:

The candidates for Commission are:

Diane Bernhard; Kimberly Glas Castro; Erin Flaherty; Steve Hockman; Michael O’Rourke and Kathleen Rapoza

It is so awesome to see 5 wonderful candidates running for Commission, hopefully with the decision by Commissioners Longtin, Stevens and myself not to run for reelection, the Town will have a brand new group of 4 Commissioners in March!

I will have more to say about the election in the coming days, but I encourage you to get to the know all the candidates, compare their records to their words and see who is best to manage the finances of our Town and help us move towards the future ~ TOGETHER!

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