Short Notes… Kendall’s Court, Judge and Jury

Meet Ryan William Waterman of Fort Pierce, Florida.

Mr. Waterman was recently arrested for “allegedly” pulling a manatee calf out of the water and taking pics with it.  Being the AWESOME family man he is, Mr. Waterman also decided to put his kids on the animals back and let them pose.


Precious… right?

Mr. Waterman I charge you with being a complete idiot, crappy parent, animal abuser and just all around jack-ass.

Since you seem to enjoy riding things, I sentence you to 30 days in a confined jail cell with one of America‘s most prolific sexual deviants.  Let’s see how that whole “riding” thing goes for you!

Now allow me to introduce you to Joe Rickey Hundley.  While flying from Minneapolis to Atlanta recently, Mr. Hundley “allegedly” decided the 19 MONTH OLD little boy sitting beside him was annoying him as the baby cried during the landing maneuvers.

The 60-year-old Hundley decided to SLAP 19 month old Jonah.


Mr. Hundley, I charge you with being a child abusing, a-hole.  You are sentenced to prison until 19 month old Jonah is old enough to haul off and knock the crap out of you.

Now, Mr. Hundley you won’t just be sitting around waiting, no, you will be used for boxing practice with one of the countries best prison boxing leagues to soften you up really well in preparation for Jonah.

Until Next Time…Court is adjourned.

Life’s Playlist… Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John

elton-johnLife’s Playlist… Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John

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