SMASH – Season Two Premier

MV5BMTYwMjEzOTI4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODMwNTc3OA@@__V1_SY317_CR15,0,214,317_Let me just begin by saying… I love SMASH!

I loved season one and when I heard about some of the changes coming for season two, my inner-Broadway kicked into high gear!

If I am completely honest I must admit, the scripting of this show is as predictable as anything on tv.  There are absolutely no surprises and the plotlines are telegraphed from miles away; HOWEVER, the performances, the music, the Broadway makes it all a must see for me!

If you haven’t seen it, the show revolves around the staging of a Broadway musical.  The cast is a rich combination of ingenues, established actors, Broadway veterans and legends.

Season Two steps it up a notch with the addition of Jennifer Hudson!  A diva-licious casting that will lead to her first Emmy.

In season two,  the show will revolve around the troubles getting “Bombshell” onto the Broadway stage and the emergence of a new show by unknowns who have stars in their eyes.

Katharine McPhee embraces her role brilliantly and can play the seductress as well as the farm-grown novice with ease.

Angelica Huston is comic joy, Megan Hilty brings her stage experience to a convincing Ivy and Jack Davenport plays the role of an over-sexed cad perfectly.

My only complaint with the casting for SMASH is Debra Messing.  She is far too talented to portray anything other than a strong, talented, creative, executive.  Her “head under the covers” sappy Julia needs to grow a backbone and grow it quickly!

For every Broadway nerd like myself who ever had the dream of stepping out on the stage and going for it, SMASH is an awesome show.

By the time an episode one curtain came down on last night’s premier I was exhausted and ready for a new season filled with divas, quirkiness, predictable writing and the kind of singing and dancing that makes me yell for more!

BRAVO, Season Two, Episode One of SMASH, the curtain is officially up on a new and exciting season!

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