Short Notes – Men vs. Women, Double Standard

esq-wil-chris-christie-1112-lgEarlier this week Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

The appearance was awesome, the interview was funny and Christie showed his ability to be self-deprecating as usual.

For several minutes Letterman and Christie had an ongoing banter about the Governor’s weight, culminating in the two sharing a donut.

I have NO PROBLEM with the interview, as a fat guy, I can handle it and as someone who likes to laugh at myself I think others should be able to laugh at situations like this.

HOWEVER, I started thinking, if Letterman conducted the same interview with a fat woman, politician, entertainer etc, would the media be going apoplectic by now?

esq-barbara-mikulski-image-101810-lgCould he have gotten away with the same interview with Barbara Mikulski, Kristin Gillibrand, Janet Neapolitan, Soija Sotomayor?

Would NOW and Gloria Allred be calling for boycotts or firings?

Double standard?  Just something to think about.

2 thoughts on “Short Notes – Men vs. Women, Double Standard

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