Short Notes – Alabama Hostage Crisis Ends

Amen and Amen.

The child is recovered and safe!

Sounds like good work by all police agencies involved.

The kidnapper is dead.

Short Notes ~ Super Bowl Final Thoughts

super-bowl-2013Another Super Bowl has come and gone, the history books will show the Baltimore Ravens conquered the San Francisco 49ers, 34 – 31.

Was it epic?  No.

Was it the best ever?  No.

Was it weird, entertaining and will it be talked about for years?  Youbetcha!

New Orleans welcomed the sporting hullabaloo for the first time since Katrina and minus a teenie- tiny little glitch with the lights all seemed to run smoothly.

Ok, about the glitch…..  seriously!?!  WTF, you have to be prepared for things like this better than the NFL and SuperDome folks seemed to be….. it’s the SUPER BOWL for heaven sake.  Everyone understands accidents happen, but come on people.

On a positive note, the SF 49ers should be thanking sweet baby Jesus for the outage or else they were about to be blown out in an epic embarrassment.

Those of us who had no dog in this fight should also be thanking the power outage or else all those calories we consumed and hours as couch potatoes in front of the tv would have been just a caloric and colossal waste of time!

The game AFTER Beyoncé surged all the power turned into a pretty good game and congrats to the Baltimore Ravens on a spectacular season!

Let me share a few of my random thoughts on the Super Bowl in no particular order….

Often times singers use the Super Bowl to over sing America the Beautiful and the National Anthem, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys did it PERFECTLY with class and grace.  BRAVO for awesome performances and the children of Sandy Hook, such a sweet touch.

Paul Harvey can grab our attention even from the grave.  I recognized his tenor  the second he began and the salute to farmers was a genius move on the part of Dodge.  One of the stand-out commercials!

After all the build up, Beyoncé delivered.  Destiny’s Child still worked, the staging was pretty amazing and the visual effects were insane!  No lip-synch this time, just an awesome show with every trick in the book thrown out on the field.

Is there anything Oprah can’t do?  After a series of gaffes by ad agencies from around the globe, Oprah, Jeep and the USO brought it all home in a 2 minute homage to our troops.  Patriotism at its best. is just gross

A Budweiser Clydesdale can still bring us to tears.

Shannon Sharpe is plain and simple bad at commentary.  He certainly enjoys hearing himself talk and talk and talk…. but OMG, say something relevent if you must.

I viewed Dan Marino differently after his admission of a baby through an extra-marital affair.

IF San Francisco would have come back and won after the black-out, who do you think would have played Kaepernick in the Oliver Stone conspiracy movie?

I liked the Mercedes-Benz, Skechers, Volkswagen, Doritos ads, the others, worth all the millions spent?  Only time will tell.

Next year the Super Bowl will be played in the outdoor MetLife Stadium located in East Rutherford, NJ.  Billed as the NY/NJ Super Bowl, you can just imagine the hype that will be created by the NY media….  only 363 days away!

Life’s Playlist… .Skyfall by Adele

adele-2011Life’s Playlist… .Skyfall by Adele

Listen here.