Short Notes ~ Ladies Win First Half of the Super Bowl

super-bowl-2013Every year the Super Bowl hype gets bigger and bigger.  The ads, the game, the players, the coaches, the half time show and on and on and on.

It seems as though each year as the hype gets bigger the opportunities for failure grow larger.  This year the first half of the Super Bowl has failed on all levels to meet expectations.

Thankfully four ladies have carried the day….  Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Oprah.

It’s Ladies Night at Super Bowl 47!

Short Notes – Publix Bad Service

Just left Publix, Northlake Promenade, had to run in for broccoli and pineapple.

Grab my stuff and make it to 10 items or less aisle.  Mikayla, my cashier, starts cashing me out and advises me I picked up a non-priced pineapple…. UGH!

Mikayla turns around and ask “Miss Joyce” if she can check a price for her.  “Miss Joyce,” one of the front store managers turns around “nah Boo, I am on lunch, I can’t get it.”

“Miss Joyce” then turns around and goes back to talking to the other managers while I leave the line to go get another pineapple that has a price on it.

When I get back, “Miss Joyce,” is still chatting away with the other managers evidently while enjoying her lunch.

Here’s a novel idea for you “Miss Joyce,” next time Boo ask for something, maybe you can help her find another attendant to help the CUSTOMER, lunchtime or not!

Another idea have your lunch in the break room, that way when you are out gossiping with your co-workers, the staffers actually working and customers won’t break up your free time BOO!

Sunday Playlist… In Christ Alone by Michael English

cross-640Sunday Playlist… In Christ Alone by Michael English

Listen here