Friday’s Hero ~ 2.1.13

super-bowl-2013This Sunday is the Super Bowl, the annual football spectacle that brings our nation together for an afternoon and evening of competition both on and off the field.

Each year the Super Bowl is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for host cities, competing cities and every town and city across the country.

While many people watch the game for the thrill of the competition, the legacy of a Super Bowl has lasting effects for host cities far into the future.

Not only is there a financial impact for a host city in tourism for the game, the National Football League has done an admirable job of providing programs that help to transform host city needy neighborhoods.

NFL Charities has been providing a $1 million grant to host cities since 1992.  Those grants allow cities to extend the goodwill of a Super Bowl into communities that may not always see the positive affects of such an event.

Usually in the form of a youth center for enrichment, the NFL Grant is often matched by corporate sponsors or local businesses to enhance the longterm gift for the community.

For their outreach and impact on the community, this week the Hero of the Week is the National Football League. 


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