Short Notes…. The Taste, Leaves Me Starving

the-tasteI decided to give The Taste another try tonight because, well I just hoped that it would be better than the catastrophe of last week.

It was better, but still I have lost my appetite.

My bet is the show was MAJORLY recut after last week’s almost unanimous drubbing.

I still only understand every 14th word from Ludo, Malarkey remains charming, Nigella continues to over analyze her every move and Bourdain, continues to be BOREdain!

For the rest of the season, I think I will fast on The Taste.

Short Notes… Filing Has Begun

Lake Park Town HallHey Lake Park residents, if you plan on running for Lake Park Town Commission, filing has begun.

The filing period runs through Tuesday, Feb 12th at NOON!

Interested parties should visit the Town Clerk in Lake Park Town Hall at 535 Park Avenue or call (561) 881-3311 for additonal information.

All commission seats presently held by

Steve Hockman

Jeanine Longtin

Kendall Rumsey

Tim Stevens

are being contested on Tuesday, March 12th.

For additional information on the election or running for office you may also visit

Short Notes… Hypocrisy Is as Hypocrisy Does

A friend made the following post this morning on his Facebook page….

Who thinks there would be strong bi-partisan support for comprehensive immigration reform if the Republicans didn’t get their butts kick in the last election? Hypocrites!

Do they think they are going to be able to buy votes with their ‘gifts’ to the growing Hispanic population in this country?

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read the comment thinking aren’t gifts to the Unions, unemployed, gays, women, racial minorities and every other political “group,” the way the Democrats came to power?

Let’s at least be honest in the debate….  there is quite enough hypocrisy to go around on both sides of the issues.

Life’s Playlist….. Beautiful by the Cast of Glee

beautiful-midnight_1280x1024_14400Life’s Playlist…..  Beautiful by the Cast of Glee

Listen here