Short Notes…. What Happened?

DId the world stop on its axis and realign or something?

Mark this day in history, the US Senate began a process of BI-PARTISAN work to reform our immigration policies.  Many of the same ideas that the President of the United States will recommend.


The Boys Scouts began the process of moving into the 21st Century.

What will tomorrow bring?

Short Notes…. Passing

red_rose_rentI got word this morning that a sweet spirited friend from High School unexpectedly passed away yesterday.

I hadn’t seen him in many years, but when I think of him I smile.

I wish I could tell him thank you for the laughter and good times.

RIP Marty, you will be missed.

Tell someone you love them today, you will be glad you did.

Life’s Playlist….I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

a1Life’s Playlist….I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

Listen here