Hero of the Week – 1.25.13, Hillary Rodham Clinton

04-07-hillaryFor the better part of 20 years, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been in service to our nation.  As First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate and Secretary of State, single-handedly Clinton has shattered more glass ceilings than the majority of the world combined.

Love her or hate her, and there doesn’t appear to be a lot of middle ground, I think most anyone would admit that Ms. Clinton has helped shape much of the world’s history over these last decades.

Within the next few days, another chapter of HRC’s public life will come to an end when she steps down as Secretary of State.

As a nation we owe her a debt of gratitude.  Indeed, our world owes her a debt of gratitude.

Since her early days in Arkansas, she has proven to be an advocate for children and the disenfranchised around the world.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has led, she has fought and she has proven to be an exemplary team player.

Mistakes have been made, her SoS tenure will be forever marred by the Benghazi massacre and her role in assisting our Embassy there.

HRC made mistakes in the 90s with her over-reach on Healthcare Reform and when campaigning she is known to gaffe with snide remarks like her Tammy Wynette comment from years ago.

As first lady, we saw her painfully endure embarrassment, when her husband’s betrayal became public.  Clinton, carried forward and never let her private pain seep into her duty as First Lady and beyond.

While many disapprove of her politics, Clinton appears to be a wonderful mother, raising a daughter free of the pitfalls some youngsters endure when in the public spotlight.  And today, her marriage to Bill Clinton appears solid and based on mutual admiration.

Through it all, Hillary Rodham Clinton has stayed strong.  She has continued to serve her country and our world.  Now, Hillary Rodham Clinton will take a much deserved break, for how long no one knows, but my guess is we have not seen the last of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Whatever course she decides to follow, I say thank you and Godspeed to Hillary Rodham Clinton, you have been a role-model for many and your legacy will endure.

This week, I choose Hillary Rodham Clinton as Hero of the Week!

4 thoughts on “Hero of the Week – 1.25.13, Hillary Rodham Clinton

  1. Took me awhile to ponder it, but I do think of a debt I owe Ms. Clinton. She helped awaken me to the rot in the “official” feminist movement. The capital “f” Feminists, with Hillary at the forefront, judged Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willy, and Paula Jones–whatever you may think of THEIR politics–like a white Southern jury in the Sixties. (Damn the facts; they asked for it anyway. It’s those agitators put ’em up to it!) When her world was threatened, Hillary Clinton didn’t “advocate” or even just endure: She unleashed James “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park…” Carville like Bull Connor’s dog. (Change the target and put that remark in say, Pat Robertson’s mouth and see how it tastes)
    Using all the traditional tactics of power–disdain, inuendo, ridicule, shunning–the Gloria Stienhams, Maureen Dowds and, yes, Hillary Clintons went into a kind of ugly Stockholm Syndrom meets Mad Men frenzy to protect the Man. Good Lord, they were writing columns about how it would be a privilege for any woman to get on her knees for Bill! (In your face, Tammy! So to speak.)
    Now, with Benghazi, she’s done it again. This time no personal tragedy or embarrassment to mitigate–just acting to protect first herself and yet another man who is a source of her power.
    Sorry, one of your rare misjudgements in my opinion.

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