Short Notes – American Idol

New-American-Idol-group-shot--1028801208842012887I didn’t think I would say it, however….. I am enjoying this year’s American Idol judges panel.

Since day one, season one, Randy Jackson has been the weak link and nothing has changed about that this year.

Mariah Carey is much less diva than I ever expected.She shows genuine concern for the contestants and has the professional chops to back it up.

Keith Urban is witty and full of helpful comments.  I like the country vibe he brings.

The judge I expected to like the least was Nicki Minaj, she is hilarious and has some good advice for the contestants.

Bravo American Idol…. you may have another season left in you yet!

Life’s Playlist…. Hot Blooded by Foreigner

foreignerLife’s Playlist….  Hot Blooded by Foreigner

Listen here.