The Taste – Premiere


The Taste premiered on ABC tonight, I came away from the table less than satisfied.

First of all a thought on the judges….

slide12-wintertvpreview-0122-ABC-Taste-jpg_012726Anthony Bourdain, what a pompous ass.  Seriously, just a pompous ass.

Brian Malarkey, will be the nice judge.  He is someone who seems to have an interest in working with the contestants and helping them improve.

Nigella Lawson, she takes this too seriously.  She is going to be pained by every decision and will frustrate me to no end during the season.

Ludo Lefebvre, can’t understand a word he says.  Just because you speak with a French accent it doesn’t mean you are a food expert.  He doesn’t do anything for my taste buds.

It appears that the concept of this show is that each Judge choose a team of cooks.  Each contestant will create a one-bite food sample for the judges to critique, the least successful will be eliminated.

Presently in the “audition” stage, the judges are coordinating their teams.  Already I have heard “so, you’re a home chef, not that there is anything wrong with that,” enough times to make me know that the pompous attitude of the show will wear thin quickly.

The show is designed as The Voice for food.  It has proven to be more like canned meat for the network.

The Taste needs to become appetizing quickly or else this will be a one course failure!

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