Pat Robertson…. Check Your Mirror.

Ummmm, yeah, I wish I could say that was a comedic skit from the ministry of Pat Robertson, but unfortunately it is not.  Yes, Pat Robertson blames the downfall of marriage on “ugly, nasty women.”

Robertson made the comments on his CBN show last week and as laughable as the viewpoint sounds, the insanity that a self-professed man of God would say it is frightening.  “Pastor” Robertson, ministers this poppy-cock, he preaches to “the faithful” who follow his every word.

Earth to Pat….. have you checked a mirror lately?

We have grown accustomed to Pat’s particular brand of crazy.  He blames war, famine, terrorism and natural disaster on those HO-MO-SEXUALS that have invaded our world like aliens from another planet.

In September, 2011 Robertson encouraged a man to divorce his wife because she has Alzheimer’s.  I assume that whole sickness and health, death til we part thing doesn’t work when things get uncomfortable.

In 2007, his “Orientals” comment had nothing to do with a rug or Express, but instead was reference to people who have had plastic surgery.  His 2001 support of Chinese abortion, his decrying Walt Disney World and his attacks on feminism spotlight Pat’s everyday brand of hate.  And now Pat is waging war on ugly women.

So when Pat Robertson calls out ugly women for failing marriage it makes me wonder, exactly what would Pat consider ugly?

Have you seen Pat lately?  Pat, while I have no doubt you consider yourself to be one hot hunk of burning love, let me just say….. not so much!

Pat, when you start calling people ugly, then we have a problem.  The short, weasel eyed, plump, creepy laughing Pat Robertson is anything but good-looking.

Pat, please take a look in the mirror, you’re ugly…… of course you are also a misogynist, homophobe, racist, but that is a discussion for another day.

Life’s Playlist… Revelation Song by Kari Jobe

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