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Pauline Phillips

Dear Abby

1918 ~ 2013

Lake Park CRA and Commission Meetings for January 16, 2013

Lake Park Town HallLast evening the Lake Park CRA Board and Commission met in Town Hall.  The meetings started at 6:30 PM with CRA Board first.

Board Chairman Dubois called the meeting to order, 5 of the 7 members were present with Board Members Mosler and Stevens absent.

The Board passed consent agenda item, CRA Board Meeting Minutes of Dec 5th unanimously.

CRA Executive Director, Dale Sugerman brought forward a proposal to change the meeting structure for CRA meetings to once per quarter instead of monthly.  After a brief discussion the item was passed unanimously with the understanding that special called meetings may be needed in between quarterly sessions.

During her Board Member comments, Jeanine Longtin made an impassioned campaign speech.  I corrected the record regarding untrue items pertaining to me, for now I will not comment further.

With no further comments, the CRA meeting was adjourned.

Immediately following the CRA meeting, the Lake Park Town Commission meeting was convened.  All Commissioners were present.

After a call to order, prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, Captain Gerald Rapoza was presented a proclamation from Mayor James Dubois.  The proclamation was in recognition of Captain Rapoza’s service as Lake Park Citizen on Patrol Volunteer of the Month for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department, October 2012.

A certificate of achievement was presented to the Town of Lake Park for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association by Darlene Malaney.  Ms Malaney presented the plaque to Blake Rane on behalf of his entire team from the Palm Beach Country Clerk and Comptroller’s Office.

Commissioner Longtin pulled the Regular Commissioner Meeting Minutes of Dec 19, 2012 from the Consent Agenda for a clarification on one of her comments.  After the minutes were revised the item was approved unanimously.

Also approved by a unanimous vote during consent was a Resolution Appointing Poll Workers for the General Municipal Election to be conducted on MArch 12, 2013.

Two items were discussed in Public Hearing on Second Read:

Ordinance No. 12-2012 request to reduce the distance separation between gas stations from 1,200 feet to 500 feet was passed 4 – 1 with Ms. Longtin voting against the item.

Ordinance No. 13-2012 request to modify the sign code for the Park Avenue Downtown District to increase permitted awning and signage letter heights up to 10 inches was approved unanimously.

On first read, Commissioners Hockman and Longtin voted against a text amendment to align Lake Park enforcement violation notices with new statutes by the State of Florida.  The item passed 3 – 2.

The Town of Lake Park will be applying for almost $40,000 in CDBG Funds over the next months as issued by Palm Beach County.  A list of items that are possible grant eligible items have been presented to the Town by staff, Commissioners will review the items along with a list that we ourselves have put together.  Each Commissioner will make a recommendation of up to five items on the list to move forward at our next meeting.

JES Production and Design presented a proposal to the Town of Lake Park to produce a weekly Saturday evening event on Park Avenue beginning in February.  The event will be a mix of “green,” crafts, entertainment and food.  Minimal fees have been waived to include in-kind services to help the event get off the ground.  Commissioner Hockman voted in opposition to the event with the remaining Commissioners in favor.  The item passed 4 – 1.

JES Productions also presented a proposal to hold the Lake Park Seafood Festival in November, 2013.  This year’s event will be expanded to two days.  The item passed 5 – 0.

At the beginning of December, Town Staff distributed performance evaluations for Commissioners to complete by end of December (dates are not completely accurate, but very close) for Town Manager Sugerman’s first six month review.

Mayor Dubois and I turned our packets in within the deadline.  Commissioner Longtin turned hers in on January 15th, followed by Commissioner Stevens on January 16th and Commissioner Hockman turned his in last night after the meeting and discussion of the item.

The goals and objectives of the Town Manager were discussed by Mr. Sugerman and the elected body.

Two items were added to the agenda by Commissioner Longtin for discussion at the end of the meeting.

She requested the contract of our long-serving town attorney be reviewed.  Most of the Commission spoke out praising Mr. Baird for his excellent work on behalf of the Town, his institutional knowledge and his expertise.  While I did not speak last night, I would say Mr. Baird has done an excellent job for the Town and I think we need to do our due diligence to keep him with us and not let the whims of a few dictate any change.

The final item Ms. Longtin brought to the table was for the Town of Lake Park to host a League of Cities meeting.  These monthly gatherings of elected officials include a catered lunch and brief meeting.  Expenditures for such a meeting would be approximately $3,000.

As I expressed last night, while I think it would be nice to host a meeting and show off what we have in Lake Park to other elected officials I would ONLY be supportive if the business community sponsored the event and no tax dollars were used.

Upon completion of Commissioner comments, the meeting was adjourned.

Life’s Playlist…. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights by Freddy Fender

Life’s Playlist….  Wasted Days and Wasted Nights by Freddy Fender

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