Jodie Foster Makes a Statement for All of Us

watch-jodie-foster-coming-out-speech-at-golden-globesLast night Jodie Foster was presented a Lifetime Achievement award for her body of work in the cinema.

What Jodie Foster delivered that was not expected was a declaration on her life, freedoms and her privacy.

At first I began watching Ms. Foster’s speech through half closed eyes and ears.  As she got into the body of the speech I was struck by the honesty and integrity of the words she was delivering.

I applaud Jodie Foster for making a statement about her rights, her privacy and her freedom to live her life as she chooses and not by expectations created by others.

Sometimes in my life, I have found it difficult to live under the same pressures Ms. Foster professes.  Why is it the responsibility of a gay American to “come out” to the world?  I have never asked a heterosexual to come out as straight, so why is there an expectation for me to broadcast my sexuality to the world?

When I was elected to public office, the people in my life who I wanted to know I was gay knew… quite frankly it isn’t anyone elses business.

For me, being gay is part of who I am, and I am not ashamed of that part, but it is no more a part of me than any other.

I am a Christian, a professional, a conservative, an Independent, a son, brother, friend, Uncle, neighbor, Commissioner and Vice-Mayor.  I have never had to publicly profess any of the other attributes, so why do I need to fly a rainbow flag and march in a parade to express who I am?

I am comfortable in my skin and have always lived my life as a proud gay man, but never found the need to shout it from the rooftops.  I place an equal emphasis on each aspect of my life, all of these attributes make me the man I am, not just my sexual attractions.

Being presumptuous, I think Jodie Foster was saying the same thing last night.  I hope that is what she was saying and I hope the message was received.

I was asked today did she come out…..  my response was, did she NEED to come out?

Would coming out make Jodie Foster a better actress or director?  Does coming out make Jodie Foster a different mother, friend, executive?  I don’t think so, my feeling is the culture that has forced so many to come out just doesn’t “get it.”

I hear the argument that when a celebrity or executive or politician comes out, it helps the next generation.  I get that and accept that.  However, does the coming out story have to be for the entire world or for the young man or woman in our own lives who can be affected by our life story?

The coming out process can be painful and also rewarding.  I applaud those who come out and shout it from the rooftops, that is their choice.

Jodie Foster made a different choice and for those of us who have made the same one, we deserve the same appreciation, acceptance and respect as our brothers and sisters who parade and wave their flags.

You may see Jodie Foster’s speech in its entirety  here.


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