Friday’s Hero ~ 1.11.13

ryan_heber_kero-tvOn Thursday, Ryan Heber walked into the same school he had as a boy.

A 40-year-old Science Teacher, Heber had returned home to his alma-mater after college graduation.

Going home to provide the next generation the same quality education he had received growing up.

On Thursday, Ryan Heber faced a situation teachers aren’t taught in school books.  Ryan Heber became the latest teacher confronted by a gunman in his classroom.

With one student injured, Heber stood face to face with the shooter , a 16-year-old with a loaded shotgun and pockets filled with ammunition.

Ryan Heber calmly spoke to the assailant, he spoke reason and the gunman eventually put down his weapon.

Through this senseless act of violence, Taft Union High School joins the growing list of schools failed by our society.  A society that refuses to address the difficult issues of mental health, gun control, entertainment violence and gang culture.

Until we decide our future generations are worth the debate, we will continue to know more about the moments of violence at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown and now Taft Union than the glorious successes found there on a daily basis.

When we have this national conversation, Ryan Heber will be a hero for the lessons he teaches in the classroom, not the courage he shows when confronted by insanity.

This week, the Friday’s Hero is Ryan Heber, a teacher of courage and grace, a man who put the lives of his students ahead of his own.


Surround Yourself….

My nephew Zack, who as many people know is one of the lights of my life, told me during Christmas that he was going to send me an inspirational text every day…. just because.  (Yeah, I know, pretty special and imagine, that is coming from a 20-year-old.)

After reminding him the first couple of days, he has made each day since without any prompting.

I told him today’s text was my favorite….. so far……


A thoughtful nephew who looks for ways to brighten the day of his Uncle….  another thing to add to my Gratitude Jar

2013 Challenge & Support

Life’s Playlist…. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

bruno-mars-mainLife’s Playlist…. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

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