Gratitude Jar

I give full credit for this idea to my friend Jan Norris who published it on her awesome blog  While named differently the purpose is the same.

A Gratitude Jar.

Jan calls hers a Best of 2013 Jar, filled with rememberances of amazing meals and memories.

I will call mine a Gratitude Jar, filled with simple things I am grateful for.

I have the jar on my dining room table.  I have already placed a few items inside.

My goal is to place 2013 moments inside and then take a look back at the end of the year.

I will update you through the year on the progress of the Gratitude Jar!

2013 Challenge & Support

Gratitude Jar

Life’s Playlist…. Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain by Willie Nelson

willie-nelsonLife’s Playlist….  Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain by Willie Nelson

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