Hero of the Week – Gov. Chris Christie – 1.4.13

esq-wil-chris-christie-1112-lgIn a world of political soundbites and measured responses,Chris Christie is a breath of fresh air.

He is as likely to bash a questioner as he is to kiss them on the cheek, Chris Christie is either the real deal or the acting equivalent of Tom Hanks.

I have been a fan of Christie since he was elected New Jersey Governor, I appreciate his honesty.

He has made a political career out of saying what he thinks and not worrying about the consequences, I respect that.  I wish more of our politicians would follow his example.

It appears that Chris Christie could care less if he gets reelected Governor, elected President, or defeated as dog-catcher, it seems as though he just wants to do what he feels is right for his constituents.

Hurricane Sandy affected the people of New Jersey harder than any other.  The devastation was tremendous.

During the hours, days and weeks after Sandy, Gov. Chris Christie has once again proved his statesman like qualities by worrying more about his residents than political gamesmanship.

When President Obama visited NJ just before the election, Chris Christie did what a Governor SHOULD do… he accompanied the President, welcomed and thanked him for his assistance.

This past week when Speaker of the House John Boehner, once again, played political kick the can and left the people savaged by Sandy hanging, Christie called him out.

From all standpoints Governor Chris Christie appears to be a statesman, more interested in what is right for the country than what is right for him.

In my opinion Chris Christie is what we need more of in America, I may not always agree with his decisions, but I can certainly overlook that in the face of knowing he is doing what he REALLY thinks is right!

For this and many other reasons, I choose New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie as my Hero of the Week!

Life’s Playlist….. If This Is It by Huey Lewis and the News

Huey+Lewis++The+News+HLTN1980Life’s Playlist…..  If This Is It by Huey Lewis and the News

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