Making Lists…

Ask any child and they will tell you, once Thanksgiving Day is over there is only one thing to do….  make a list.

From Thanksgiving through Christmas Day, children around the world are compiling their lists and updating until the last-minute before placing in the box and sending it in to the North Pole.

Children aren’t the only ones who use these final weeks of the year to make their lists.

Over the next few weeks, we will be bombarded with lists.  Lists of bests, worst, most intriguing, inspiring, villains, teams, performances, lists, lists, lists…..

There will probably be a list highlighting the best lists.

We have become a society of recognition, lists, best, worst, prettiest, meanest….  LISTS, LISTS, LISTS!

Most all lists are subjective, often with no rhyme or reason to their legitimacy.

Remember Mr. Blackwell?  He made a career of obliterating the fashion choices of the famous.  Spiteful comments made by a polyester queen intended to prove “expertise” in women’s fashion.

People Magazine puts out a list of “Most Beautiful.” 

TIme has its list of the “World’s 100 Most Influential.”

College football will present its list of best teams after the BCS Bowl Championship.  (Thank you sweet baby Jesus for bringing a playoff system to us all in 2014!)

There will be the All-American Team, conference stand-outs, Heisman Trophy finalists, Coach of the Year and so on and so on.

The entertainment world will bring us lists of top-selling artists, highest paid performers, most profitable movies, shows, concerts, albums and so on and so on.

And even without a show, we all wait with bated breath for Oprah’s Favorite Things list.

By the time the end of the year rolls around we should all find ourselves on one list or another.

If all else fails, maybe Time Magazine will name “the population,” or “American voters” or “the planet” as its Person of the Year.

The resounding queen of the list is Barbara Walters and her “Most Fascinating” of the year.  In year’s past this media icon has named world leaders, entertainment legends, sports heroes and “the common man” who has made an indelible mark on our world’s psyche.

Recently Walters named the first members of her 2012 Honor Roll.  As always Walters holds out her “Most Fascinating” until air date.

This year we will all act surprised when Ms. Walters names President and Mrs. Barack Obama as her Most Fascinating, guaranteeing her a year-end interview with the recently reelected President and his wife…..  yes, truly FASCINATING!

While the President should be on the list, I also agree with the selection of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Governor Chris Christie and I can even go along with Ben Affleck or Gabby Douglas, then Ms. Walters loses me.

Seth MacFarlane, EL James, boy band One Direction…..  really?  REALLY Barbara Walters, One Direction FASCINATES you????  Seriously?

Come on Barbara, at one time you were one of the most respected journalist on the planet and now you are trying to convince me that you are fascinated by a guy who voices an animated character and makes potty jokes.

Your fascination seems to have gone extremely commercial Ms. Walters.   For me, your list has lost its fascination and its prestige.

So it’s list season, here a list, there a list, everywhere a list list!  With that, I think I have been a pretty good boy this year, so I am going to make my list and send it in.

Dear Santa,

I don’t have much to ask for this year, so I hope you will pay close attention to the two items on my list that I am asking for.  My list of wishes isn’t just for me, it’s for all of us this year I would like…

1) the old Barbara Walters back, someone stole her brain and filled it with vapid nonsense a few years back.  Can we please have the respected journalist Barbara Walters back… please Santa?

2) no more list.  Santa, I plead with you….  we have had enough lists!

Thanks Santa, as I said, I have been a good boy this year!


4 thoughts on “Making Lists…

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