An Open Letter to the Republican Party

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as my request of the Republican Party, its leadership, financial backers and campaign whiz-brains to realize… it is 2012 NOT 1963!

Let me say this upfront, I voted for Mit Romney, not because he was a good candidate, but because I believe at his core he is a better man than his opponent.  HOWEVER, let me also say, I am appalled at the race the Republican Party ran during this past election and feel you got exactly what you deserved.

I am an Independent, I am who you want to attract in an election.  In my lifetime I have voted for as many Republicans as I have Democrats, party is irrelevant to me, the candidate, the vision and the commitments are what attract me at the polls.

I am a fiscal conservative.

I am socially moderate.

I believe there are people in our society who need our help and we as a society should be there for them.

I believe someone of working age should be able to find a job and if they are too lazy to work they should not get a hand-out from the government I contribute to.

I believe it is time we stopped policing the rest of the world and take care of our own.

I am in favor of drug testing people who receive welfare.

I am gay.

I am a Christian.

I am 48 years old.

I live in Florida.

I am in favor of a woman’s right to choose.

I believe in the second amendment, but I don’t believe my neighbor should be allowed to own a uzi.

I AM America and the views I have are more of the majority than the minority.

The Republican Party has become a vapid movement that doesn’t realize our nation is more “Modern Family,” than “Leave It To Beaver.”   It is time the Republicans realized that there are more people in the USA than white men.

A simple look at the Florida elections map will show you, the areas that went for Barack Obama are located in counties and areas with colleges and universities, the areas where young people live, work, play and VOTE!

Our nation is made up of people of every color, sexual orientation and creed, we are more of a melting pot than ever before and as long as the Republican party only caters to the most white bread of white bread they will continue to see results like this past Tuesday.

Ideologically I believe in many of the HISTORIC platforms the Republican Party stood for, smaller government and lower taxes.  President Obama’s spend at all cost mentality frightens me for our nation’s future, but the social warfare the Republicans play against the nation frightens me just as much.

Therefore,  let me say this loud and clear, this was the Republicans last chance, as long as you produce campaigns that are more concerned with a woman’s uterus than you are the economic future of our nation you have lost me as a potential vote.

It is ironic that many in the Republican Party point to Ronald Reagan as their role model, I contend that in today’s Republican Party, Ronald Reagan couldn’t even win the party’s nomination.  The Republican Party has been taken over and held captive by a talk-radio mentality that only looks for the next sound bite.

When you as a party have a mutli-married drug addict lecturing me and other Americans about how we live our lives, you become a joke.  It is time that your rhetoric match your example.

Sadly, todays Republican party has no desire to find compromise and work together in bi-partisan movements, it is more important to vilify the opposition.  People like Charlie Crist and Chris Christie are ridiculed by your “leaders” because they act like Americans and respect the Presidency of the United States of America.

You have even started waging war against your own… the “RINOs” or “Republicans in Name Only”, the list is impressive…..

  • Former President Theodore Roosevelt, because he regulated the economy and used social justice.

While these “RINOs” get ridicule, your party supports those who talk about “legitimate rape.”  You support someone who is thrice married with a history or carrying on an extra-marital affair all while ridiculing a political opponent for doing the same.

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party has grown tiresome.  Your lack of respect against huge chunks of our nation has grown tired.  You lack of interest in Latinos, black, gays, women and any other minority has grown to be laughable and if you don’t realize that you will continue to lose elections just like you did this past Tuesday.

What I would suggest is for the Republican Party to put a lot more focus on the “RINOs” interests  and a lot less on the Rove, Palin, Gingrich, Limbaugh and Bachmann mantra, that is if you ever want to win another major election.

Your policies, your rhetoric and your leaders are stuck in a time of yesterday, we aren’t going back, you can either embrace our future or continue to take a back seat and become even less relevent.

Get out of our bedrooms, get out of women’s uterus and get back to promoting sound policy of sane national defense, limited government and fewer taxes and you may have a chance, continue on the path you are on and we will see how Michele Bachmann 2016 goes for you!

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Republican Party

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