Sunday – Update on Daddy and Next Step

Tomorrow daddy will move to The Oaks in Baldwin.

We are happy to have daddy leaving the hospital and going to this beautiful center.  He is scheduled to be there for a short time while he gets rehab to return to his health.

I am thankful that this location is closer to God‘s Country so that Sam can be closer to home and also so that daddy can receive visits from friends.

We are immensely thankful to the doctors and nurses of Northeast Georgia Medical Center, without them we would have lost daddy.  The professionals of NEGMC are compassionate in their care of the patient AND the family, we will be forever thankful to them.

The next steps for daddy will be difficult but key to his return to health.  I will be coming to God’s Country this upcoming weekend and again over the weekend two weeks later.  I look forward to seeing his improvement each week.

My brother Sam has always been my hero, through this ordeal he has proven his might over and over again.  He has been daddy’s biggest advocate, he has been the one who has held our family together through our fears and concerns and he has been by daddy’s side almost every day since he became ill.   Sam has stepped up to the plate in ways that I can only imagine and my admiration for him has increased even more than ever.

UnitedHealthcare and Medicare have remained silent through our ordeal and blocked us when we tried getting daddy into the acute care hospital, Landmark in Athens.  We will continue to fight the decision made and refusal of his healthcare services, but we are moving on for daddy’s health.  But let me be clear, I will NEVER let up on Stephen J. Hemsley, UnitedHealthcare CEO, his arrogance is disgusting, my father deserves better than the treatment received by this “man.”

Finally, to all of you, the prayers for our family and especially daddy will always be appreciated, you have provided us with a shoulder to lean on that has been paramount for all of us……  thank you is not enough, but it is what we have…..  THANK YOU!

Sunday Playlist…. Precious Lord take My Hand, by Mahalia Jackson

Sunday Playlist…. Precious Lord take My Hand, by Mahalia Jackson

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Life’s Playlist….. Bonnie Tyler sings Total Eclipse of the Heart

Life’s Playlist…..   Bonnie Tyler sings Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Friday, Sept 28….. Sunset Celebration!

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Life’s Playlist…. Adele performs Feel My Love

Life’s Playlist….  Adele performs Feel My Love

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