A New Feature…… Friday’s Hero

I try to keep this site positive and uplifting.  I think there is enough garbage out there filling us all with crap.

With the nastiness we are subjected to in our society, it is nice to be able to look back on something that inspires.  With this in mind, I will today begin a new weekly feature….  “Friday’s Hero,”  I hope it will help to inspire and motivate you as we all seek our inner best.

I find it appropriate that on the day I begin this new feature, we will lay to rest one of our nation’s greatest all-time heroes, Neil Armstrong.  In honor of Mr. Armstrong, please pause with me and relive one of our greatest accomplishments…….

As I hope you will find with this new feature, heroes are among us every day.  Most go unsung and without a desire for recognition.

A true hero steps up at a moment in time when they are needed, with unselfish abandon and a desire for good.

This week’s Friday’s Hero is a father/son team, who when faced with disaster placed their needs behind those of their community.  Jesse Shaffer 3rd and Jesse Shaffer 4th are heroes, they stepped up to rescue their neighbors in need when flooding from Hurricane Isaac placed their community in harm’s way….

The story of heroism may be found here.

Life’s Playlist….. Hero by Mariah Carey

Life’s Playlist…..  Hero by Mariah Carey


Is Government Broken… Media

Over the past weeks, I have discussed my thoughts on the topic of “Is Government Broken?”  I have provided six reasons as to why I think the answer is a resounding yes, here.

The six reasons for my beliefs are:

  • History
  • Apathy
  • Media
  • Career Politicians, Party Over Country
  • Lack of Respect
  • Divisiveness for Divisiveness Sake

My essay on History may be found here and the essay on Apathy may be found here.

Today I will focus on the Media and how they have had a hand at breaking our government.  Make no mistake about it, the media has played a huge role in breaking our government, but let’s not just blame the traditional media for the crimes of our leaders, let’s take a hard look at ALL forms of the media and see where we are today.

It always makes me chuckle when I hear people blame the media for presenting only one side of an issue.  What makes me chuckle is that with all the media that we have to fill our thoughts in today’s world, there is certainly enough there to get all points across.

In recent years, the right-wing and tea-baggers have blamed the liberal media for all the sins of the world.  What they fail to acknowledge is that the right-wing blowhards of radio, the blog world, websites and FOX NEWS do the same thing for their point of view.

As a Moderate-Independent, I look at both sides of the media and ask myself where is the NEWS?  The right-wing presents their side and the liberal left presents theirs, but where is the truth?  I contend you don’t find the real truth with either.

With the understanding that the traditional media of newspaper and television gets split into two groups with no one really covering the center truth, let’s take a look at a couple of other media sources……  Radio and Blogs.

For many years, radio was provided as an entertainment source.  We would listen to music and enjoy the beats of the day.  Some people would listen to NPR as an outlet to hear what was going on in the world and local stations would provide a talk format for the issues of their town.

In the early 90’s the world was introduced to Rush Limbaugh and the airwaves changed forever.  Let me be upfront, I personally think Rush Limbaugh is one of the most damaging characters in our nation’s history.  The hypocrisy of this multi-wed, drug addict is insulting to real thinkers and serious representatives of democracy throughout our nation.

Mr. Limbaugh, has no problem tearing down the very fabric of our nation for ratings and his agenda, ANYONE who complains about the liberalization of our media and then listens to Mr. Limbaugh for a balanced approach to the news lives in fantasy.

The most insulting element of Mr. Limbaugh’s assassination of our Republic is that when he gets into hot water, or takes his viciousness too far he falls back on the “I’m an entertainer” moniker.

What Mr. Limbaugh is, is a bully.  A bully that uses his pulpit to spread an agenda that appeals to the lowest common denominator of our nation’s politic.

Mr. Limbaugh uses his “entertainment” value to appeal to those who look for reasons to be in battle with their neighbors, just imagine what good could be accomplished if instead of constantly seeking a fight, Mr. Limbaugh and his legions of followers would put their message towards one of working together and finding common ground instead of a constant nasty campaign of hatred.

In the wake of Mr. Limbaugh, the airwaves were overrun with impersonators, each one trying to be more far-fetched than the other.  Both conservative and liberal, Democrat and Republican the airwaves are now filled with conspiracy theorists, former felons, people who got rich off the public dole and the like, all making a buck off lemmings who will help spread their words of political unrest instead of finding solutions to move our nation forward together.

As the assault on the public airwaves were in full force, our nation became fixated on this new device called the Internet.  The world had never witnessed anything with the possibilities that the Internet could provide.

An information super-highway, the internet provided a platform where anyone could become the media.  Anyone could report their beliefs and ideas for the world and anyone could assign themselves the title of “expert.”

As the internet’s popularity and importance grew, blogs and websites began to pop-up that allowed for public opinion to be shared that may not normally be available to all.

One of the first super-blogs was The Drudge Report, a compilation of news stories from many different sources all put together by a mysterious figure hiding behind an assortment of http: links.

After Drudge, the information super-highway became a traffic jam with sites like The Huffington Post, Politico, Mediaite, Newsmax, and many, many, MANY more!

In the past few years, the information super-highway has provided an about-face from the years of radio.  The blogs of today, now represent the local radio stations of a time gone by, providing an opinion of the writer expressed as “news” while hiding behind pseudonyms and assertions of truth.

I come back to the same chuckle I get from the blame the media mentality.  We blame, blame, blame because our opinion is not expressed and we assault those who do not represent our viewpoint, and then when we decide to express ourselves, we fall into the same pattern of our world view is the only one that represents truth and honesty.

Yes, the media has a huge guilt in destroying our politics of the nation, the left, the right, the public, the private and the characters hiding in the shadows who prefer to lob grenades instead of being part of the solution.  It really is laughable how we all seek to blame each other instead of earnestly seeking ways to find common ground and help make our world a better place to live.

Life’s Playlist…. Martina McBride, Anyway

Life’s Playlist….  Martina McBride, Anyway


Life’s Playlist…. Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Life’s Playlist….  Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers