Downtown in Bloom Photos

Here is a sampling of some of the amazing things being shown this weekend at Downtown in Bloom.  The event is Saturday and Sunday, March 31 and April 1 at Downtown at the Gardens.

As you are looking at the photos remember, all of these gardens and displays are temporary, they will be gone on Monday….

Life’s Playlist…. Everything’s Coming Up Roses by Ethel Merman

See you at Downtown in Bloom this weekend at Downtown in the Gardens!

Life’s Playlist…..  Everything’s Coming Up Roses by Ethel Merman

Downtown in Bloom is THIS Weekend…

The displays are going in and the gardens are taking shape… Downtown in Bloom  provides an amazing display of tropical beauty.  This FREE event is open to the public!  Come out and join us!!!


Downtown at the Gardens EXPLODES in a Lush Tropical Oasis


PALM BEACH GARDENS – Preparations are underway for to transform Downtown at the Gardens into a lush tropical oasis for this weekend, Downtown in Bloom event; Saturday and Sunday, March 31 and April 1.


In its second year, the event will feature multiple display gardens created by area landscape architects, over 50 vendors selling garden and lawn related products, entertainment, lectures, an interactive Kids Area and more.


This year’s signature display gardens are being produced by ValleyCrest Landscape, Tranquil Waterscapes, Inc., Denton Pond and Landscape, James Landscaping Designs, Inc., Synthetic Turf International Florida, The Breakers Hotel, Halo Pond and Garden and US Green Building Council/EcoArts.


Signature gardens will feature tropical landscapes, flowers in eye-popping color, water features and more.


This year, a new element will be added to Downtown in Bloom.  The Charity Garden Walk will span “The Boulevard” and provide an opportunity for local charitable organizations to raise money throughout the weekend.  Each partnering charity will work with a local designer of their choice and create 10×10 displays throughout “The Boulevard.”   Guests will be “voting” for their favorites all weekend with donations, one dollar equals one vote.  At the end of the weekend, Downtown at the Gardens will be matching up to $1,000 for the organization who received the most votes and up to $500 for the organization who comes in second.


Organizations participating in the Charity Garden Walk are:  Quantum House, Resource Depot, Little Smiles, Bob Swanson Give a Life Foundation, The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County, Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens and Whole Planet Foundation.


Charity Walk Gardens will be created on-site beginning at 9AM on Friday, March 30th and must be complete by 5PM the same day.


“The response from the designers has been incredible this year.  We anticipate some of the most creative and beautiful gardens ever displayed at Downtown in Bloom “  Kendall Rumsey, Director of Marketing for Downtown at the Gardens stated.  “We invite the public to come out and enjoy this free, family friendly event all weekend long.  Discover YOUR Downtown at Downtown in Bloom!”


Downtown in Bloom will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 31st and April 1st at Downtown at the Gardens;  11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue; Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  (561) 727-2640 or  FREE Parking is available in over 2,700 spaces and valet.

Life’s Playlist…. Alone by Heart

Life’s Playlist…. Alone by Heart

Lent 2012 ~ The Purpose Driven Life, Day 32

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Chapter 32 ~ Using What God Gave You

In this Chapter, Warren teaches that we are to cultivate the gifts that we have been blessed with by God.  It is not for us to choose what gifts we have or to worry about those we don’t.  God has blessed us all with the abilities needed for our gifts, it is our responsibility to perfect them.

It is important that we Discover Our SHAPE and this can be done through a series of steps:

Begin with accessing your gifts and abilities.  Think about what you are good at, ask others what they think your spiritual gift(s) is, try new things.  Through exploration we will find out gifts that best serve our God.

As we grow in our gifts it is important that we try new things.  If we find we are not good at something it shouldn’t be viewed as a failure, but an “experiment.”  We can perfect our gifts at any time through life, but it is important to discover the areas of our ministry that fulfill us, challenge us and allow us to grow in our walk with Christ.

Consider your heart and your personality.  Our interest will dictate our gifts.  If someone were to ask me if I felt one of my spiritual gifts was to serve on the Church Finance Committee I would not just say NO, but yell it!

However, when I am asked to serve in a hospitality role, or creative role I will often accept.  I know where my heart is and what my personality is drawn to.  Accounting… NO  Parties, receptions, productions YES!

Examine your experiences and extract the lessons you have learned.  Self-evaluation is a good thing.  Much like a work review, it is often important to look back on our life experiences and see what lessons we have learned.  When my mother died, many people showed me tremendous compassion.  The love I received from that experience allowed me to pass it along to others.  A spiritual gift developed through experience.

As important as it is to discover our SHAPE, it is just as important to accept and enjoy our SHAPE!

When I am good at something I usually find that I enjoy it.  That is important.  An acceptance and enjoyment of the gifts we have been given from God is vitally important to our role as Christians.

Only in the last five years have I found that I truly ENJOY writing.  I enjoy the process, the creative outlet and the abilities that I have been given.  While I am not a great writer, I do think God has given me the abilities to express and pass along thoughts in a way that are easy to understand.  If I continue to hone my skills, as a writer, I will improve.  God will bless my talents and one day I may actually BE a great writer… I have a LONG way to go, but a year ago if you told me I would be writing a daily recap for Lent 2012, I would have laughed in your face.

Once we have discovered, accepted and began to enjoy our SHAPE, there is just one thing to do.  Keep developing our SHAPE!

Much like my recent paragraph about writing, it is important that we develop our SHAPE in life.  It can take years, but through practice, perseverance and exploration we will develop into the person God created us to be.



Point to Ponder:  God deserves by best.

Verse to Remember:  “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”  2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV)

Question to Consider:  How can I make the best use of what God has given me?