Breaking News ~ Step One…

This evening acting in a Special Called Meeting, the Town of Lake Park Commission voted 4 – 1 to approve James Titcomb as Temporary Interim Town Manager.

It was determined that Mr. Titcomb will be offered a one month contract and reevaluated at the end of 30 days upon successful negotiations with the Commission and Attorney Tom Baird.  During the 30 day time period, the Town will advertise for a permanent Town Manager.

Mr. Titcomb’s Bio may be found here.


OH NO… Say it Ain’t So…

I began watching Monica Kaufman as a child.  She has been the lead anchor of the WSB TV 2 News since I was a child.  One of the first black women to anchor a major news station in the South.

I have seen her go through literally hundreds of hair styles and a lot of colors too.  A few years back she became Monica Pearson, but she will always be Monica Kaufman to me.  I will have one more chance to see her when I go to God’s Country in April.

WSB TV 2 just won’t be the same without  Monica…..

Monica Retires

Teen Room at Library Nears Completion

Lake Park library’s teen room under construction

ByJodie Wagner Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 7:20 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012

Posted: 7:17 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012

The public library’s long-awaited teen room is getting closer to completion.

Eight months after work began, construction on the room’s exterior is nearly  finished, library director Karen Mahnk said.

Once a door is installed, work can begin on the interior.

“The door needs to be glass,” Mahnk said. “They had to take the  door to add some glass to it so we can see through it.”

Miami-based Camilo Office Furniture is handling the construction, in what had  been an open area at the back of the library. A study room in that area will  become a computer lab.

Money for the exterior construction was donated anonymously, Mahnk said.

The room’s interior will be painted and assembled by the town’s public works  department . Donations and other money raised by the Friends of the Library  will cover the cost of new paint, furniture and decorations.

The library’s Teen Advisory Group and teens who use the library regularly will  select the paint color and furniture.

“We want to get the kids involved,” Mahnk said.

“We have our usual group of kids that come in every day, but there’s also  a larger group of kids who know that there is going to be a room built.

“They keep coming in and kind of checking it out. ”

The teen room will have four to six computers, bookshelves containing material  for young adults, a whiteboard and communication devices.

The Friends of the Library will meet 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the project  and plan for a grand opening.

There is no target date for completion, but Mahnk is hopeful it will open by  the end of March.

“There’s a real need for a place for teenagers to study and do a little  gaming as well,” she said.

Special Call Commission Meeting TONIGHT

The Town of Lake Park Commission will meet tonight @ 7:30 PM to discuss the appointment of a temporary Town Manager.

The meeting will be held in Commission Chambers and all are invited to attend.


Life’s Playlist… A Song For You…. Donny Hathaway