Lake Park Deserves Better…

See these smiling faces, proud of their bikes…..

They aren’t smiling today….. the bikes were stolen last night.  Two good boys who work hard in school and help others in the community, they don’t deserve this!

If you see the bikes, call the Sheriff!

These bikes were stolen last night – they cut the steel cable and took them sometime after midnight last night.  A BMX RED LINE – and a Specialized Hard rock.  Please pass along to your friends –

Best of the Best… the Finale

A list of the greatest songs of all time is daunting, imagine choosing only 7.  While my list probably doesn’t match anyone elses song for song, I hope that it has allowed you to think of the melodies that would make your list.

There are many other songs I could have put on the list, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “My Song,” “Respect,”  and yes, “Free Bird,” “On the Road Again,”  and “Blue Suede Shoes.”  All could make the list, many, many more could make the list.

While my list is subjective, there is one song I cannot imagine not seeing on the list of Best Songs Ever…..

Today’s finale and Best of the Best is…..

John Lennon’s, Imagine….

The Idiocy of Today’s Politics…

This is a perfect example of what is wrong with today’s politics.  Now we argue over how to answer the phone….. I applaud Governor Haley for trying to bring a little positive spin to the South Carolina Government.  It is ridiculous that lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to prevent this because of high unemployment and lack of healthcare.

Maybe if Representatives John Richard King and Wendell Gilliard would put their time and effort into trying to fix those problems, instead of arguing over the way the phone is answered, the problems may be diminished.

A perfect example of what is wrong with our government…..

A Note from the Folks at “Seeds of Hope Community Garden”

Good day to all,

Come break in the new year with us and enjoy

getting outdoors for fresh air, exercise, making new

friends, and learning something new about growing fresh edible

foods. Join us this and every Saturday morning form

8-11 am as we do family friendly activities at the

“Seeds of Hope” Community Garden.


Your attendance would be a GROWING experience!

Remember to bring your Hat, suntan lotion plenty

of fresh water and SMILES!

P.S. Hey we all have busy schedules, if you can’t

come by and see us on the 700 block of Foresteria Drive

then find us online @ our Blog or  Facebook Fan Page.

Find us and show your support!                                            

Erin T. Flaherty


561-252-7179 Cell


Seeds of Hope is helping the community come together to enjoy the peaceful reality that we live so far from, together we can beautify the community, support family friendly events and get our children involved with taking better care of themselves!

Day 6 – the Best of the Best

When I began putting this list together two songs immediately came to mind and I have never wavered on them being included.  Today’s song is one of those, tomorrow’s is the other.

Music should move you, make you think, create emotion, evoke a feeling…. this song does all of that.

From the gravely voice, to the simplistic words and imagery, could any list of Best Songs Ever not include…

Louis Armstrong’s … What a Wonderful World…..